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  1. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    I rented a car to get to the dealership where I bought my JL, about 12 hours away. Drove my new JL home and I was impressed at how well it drove. it had the Mopar 2" lift done and 33" aggressive tires, 12" wide and it handled beautifully. I will absolutely road trip in it. The JLU's drive...
  2. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    i say if you like it, use it. Its personal preference. I have never worried about what others think or believe. If i like it thats all that matters to me. There are lots of things with jeeps that are not necessary but everyone likes what they like. If you like it... own it and be happy. I...
  3. Buying my first Wrangler after wanting one my whole life

    Its worth the wait! I too waited my whole life for a jeep and when I bought it I knew exactly what I wanted and I ordered it. I too like the 2 door and I dont need the space because my kids are grown. The time will go fast
  4. TPMS warning solution? [when aired down]

    With a Tazer JL you can change the desired target pressure or you can turn off TPMS all together. The Tazer has a lot of control options that you otherwise dont have. Being able to turn off the start-stop and have it remain turned off makes it worth the money alone. I have separate rims and...
  5. Brand new JL pulling right when braking

    Definitely get that checked. I have a 21 2 door and there is no brake pull at all and I am running 12.5 wide 33's with a 2" lift. I can let go of the wheel and hit the brakes and it stays straight as an arrow. That is a safety issue. Also, I have a steering stabilizer on there but it didnt...
  6. Just ordered my first Jeep!!!

    Congrats!!!!! Enjoy and be safe
  7. Aftermarket JL 2 door soft top boot feedback? Smittybilt, JTops or shadeidea

    I just got the Smittybilt boot and this thing is awesome. it holds the top secure and cinches it down so absolutely zero noise and opens up the field of view. One of my absolute favorite additions to my 21 JL. I couldnt be happier with it.
  8. Rattle

    I was told to oil the door and tailgate hinges occasionally as well to help prevent corrosion. Does anyone do this? I was told this by a specialty Jeep and truck custom shop that does all kinds of things to jeeps and trucks as well as undercoating and rustproofing. I am thinking there is a...
  9. Abs/traction control light

    This happened to me today on my '21 Sport S with 3K miles on it. I have an appointment to take it in but what I am reading here I am slowly regretting buying a Jeep. Spent a lot of money and Jeep seems to have a common issue here that they cant seem to fix.
  10. ABS and Traction control 2020 wrangler

    what did it end up being? Mine has 3K miles on it, a 21 Sport S and the lights come and go. it started today
  11. Help the Noob, please.

    $10K... hahahahahaha Knowing what you did to that camaro, you just wait. Are you married? If so you better increase that 'honey dont know' stash
  12. Broken windshield while in dealer possession. Who replaces it?

    There is no way in hell that I would let that rest. When they take possession of your vehicle for service, they are responsible for it no matter what they say. Worst case scenario, have them cover your deductible for your comprehensive insurance. Your comprehensive is what covers the glass in...
  13. “Self adjusting speedometer” ??

    I would be very concerned to ever take my baby back there again. Run, don't walk, to your phone or computer and buy a Tazer Mini and set it yourself. Only then will you know its correct and the Tazer mini will be one of the best things you do for your JLUR. Flashing 3rd brake, keeps...
  14. LED Tail lights

    Impossible for any tail / brake lights to be too bright. Better visibility is never a bad thing. Now if someone rear ends you, you have probable cause to beat them until their mama dont recognize 'em
  15. Do I need to regear if I get 34” tires on my 2 door Sport S

    He said he has a manual so that would be a 6 speed but yes, you are correct in that the automatics are 8 speed. I wouldn't worry about running larger tires. I know several people ruinning 33's with manuals and no issues at all and they get way more adventurous with their rigs than I do. You...
  16. LED Tail lights

    I dont remember exactly which ones I got but they are switchback halo for both headlights and fogs
  17. LED Tail lights

    Yes, truly plug and play. I will look up what other ones I bought and returned.
  18. Anyone install a plug and play remote start kit?

    once I got it programmed it was a piece of cake. When I installed the client onto my computer, it wasnt setting up the drivers for the remote start module. Once I got the correct drivers installed it was a piece of cake. I use the remote start all the time. Works flawlessly every time and...