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  1. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    Complete disassembly will take a bit of time, but it breaks into 2 pieces super easily. The top half rests on the bottom
  2. Half Doors

    Do these come paint matched at this price? Or do they need to be painted after delivery?
  3. 7-pin Voltage with Tow Package

    thanks, @CouchPotato, that’s super helpful! ...and probably way more effort than I want to put in, especially given your results. I was planning to add portable/suitcase style solar to my RV setup, but this almost convinces me to go with rooftop solar so that I can atleast push a bit more...
  4. 7-pin Voltage with Tow Package

    Does anyone know what the power output is for the 7-pin with the factory tow package? I just wanna make sure that my JLR with the tow package will properly charge the battery in the teardrop that I have on order.
  5. The Trasharoo Problem

    Found this searching for a solution for myself. Hot Heads has a mesh trail sack that can hang below the camera... a bit overpriced, IMO, but it's definitely another option.
  6. BROOX's 2DR Billet Silver Rubicon

    Just finished up a couple more small projects. 1. Passive entry system - with many, many thanks to and Z-automotive. The install was straight forward and is sooo much more convenient. 2. @BajaDesigns Squadron Sport Cowl / A-Pillar / ditch lights. I bought the JL kit with...
  7. Spare tire carrier : Rugged Ridge Spartacus HD versus the Mopar one

    rugged ridge has beefier hinges and bolts to the tub. mopar uses stock hinges and does not. i think that rugged ridge has the upper hand here - especially at that price point. i'd personally buy that cavfab one if they offered a straight through camera mount. my rear bumper has a license plate...
  8. Tops off... Dogs in

    I have the seats out of my 2-door and use a Harbor Freight 40x50inch moving blanket. It fits perfect, costs $4 and provides reasonable padding/protection from dog hair, etc. They're super light weight, so when it gets all nasty or ripped or whatever, I just replace it with another.
  9. Stupid Question - Why did Jeep discontinue the padding on the roll bars?

    I also think it looks cleaner without the pads... but I wish the rollbars weren’t body matched. I’ve been debating having my JL rollbars wrapped, painted, or bed-lined.
  10. Adding and mounting brake controller

    @digitalbliss and @crushinit, I realize this is an old thread, but I'm curious about what brake controllers y'all are running and whether they were plug-and-play with the factory tow package. I've been reading a bit about the new OEM controllers, but I'm not interested in replacing my factory...
  11. BROOX's 2DR Billet Silver Rubicon

    We got 8” of snow in Des Moines yesterday and I spent hours tromping around in it. Also, I can’t decide whether to get Baja Designs amber fogs or keep these OEM LED dudes.
  12. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    We got 8” of snow in Des Moines last night!
  13. Help with rear bumper choice?

    I wound up grabbing a Hyline Summit rear bumper and really, really like it. Pros: The satin textured powder coat matches the OEM plastic well and is super easy to touch up with Rustoleum semi-gloss black protective enamel and a foam brush. It has a contained license plate mount with integrated...
  14. BROOX's 2DR Billet Silver Rubicon

    I got a little excited on Black Friday and put some orders in... LoD Destroyer Shorty front bumper with bull bar, skid plate and fairlead mount (15% off) Hyline JL Summit rear bumper (10% off) Warn VR Evo 10s winch (10% off) Factor 55 Flatlink E (10% off) Smittybilt 3/4" d-ring shackles Mopar...
  15. Device was not found

    I had the same issue while using a random 2' USB cable. I tried all USB ports on my laptop, but the Tazer could not be found. After switching to a different (10") USB cable, it was found immediately. I dunno if this is the cable that came with the Tazer or not... but it worked just great. With...
  16. Parking Sensors, Can they be added?

    I realize this is an old thread, but I recently started looking into this as well. I ordered my 2020 Rubicon without parking sensors because I didn't expect them to easily transfer to aftermarket bumpers. But now that I'm in the market for aftermarket bumpers, I see that most of them come with...
  17. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    Northridge has a ton of LoD stuff at 15% right now.
  18. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    I did a bunch of research on the Warn Evo VR vs the Smittybilt Gen2 X20 before pulling the trigger. Both are IP68 waterproof rated, have a lifetime mechanical warranty and are made in China. The Smitty is slightly smaller and seemingly a good bang for the buck. I saw several complaints about...
  19. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    I’m also not a fan of the LOD badge that they rivet onto their stuff, but I plan to drill out the rivets, paint the logo to match the bumper and screw it back on. That said, an LOD front bumper is next on my shopping list. So I’m obviously hoping for a sale on their stuff this week.
  20. Baja Designs Squadron Fog Lights on Plastic Rubicon Bumper

    Howdy y'all @BajaDesigns has a few different mounting kits for their Squadron fog lights: Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon. I believe the Rubicon kit is solely for the 3-piece steel bumper, but none of their kits are advertised to work with the Rubicon plastic bumper. I'm pretty sure the rubi...