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  1. Los Angeles to Rubicon Trail - weekend of 09/18-09/21

    I would love to do Rubicon once things open up again. Keep us posted.
  2. Tailgate reinforcement do we really need it?

    Hey guys I just put my spare setup on - Milestar 37’s w/ Method MR312’s, which seems to be on the lighter side. I used a relocation bracket but no reinforcement (yet). I did add extended isolators. I agree that these reinforcement brackets don’t seem to do much. I’m curious if you think this is...
  3. Will a rear gate reinforcement bracket eliminate rattle noise?

    What is that Evo bracket you have for your camera and 3rd brake light? I've never seen that one.
  4. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    Here's my new setup. 2.5" Evo Stage 2 lift, Method MR312's and 37" Milestar Patagonias. I'll go test the flex this weekend and see how it performs, but I'm lovin' the look! - Dima
  5. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    I meant "accidentally" as in I wasn't specifically looking for it. There were a bunch of options I wanted, and I didn't want to custom order, so I found the right Jeep locally that had all of those options and it also had the One-Touch top. I got it and as I said, I really do love the top...
  6. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    "Not Recommended" is my middle name :) In all seriousness, this is my first Jeep and I accidentally got the One-Touch Top and I LOVE it. At the same time, in the summer, I think it would be cool to take the whole thing off so I may try that. It looks like the major difference is the cables on...
  7. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    Hi all - just out of curiosity, has anyone completely taken off the Sky One-Touch roof, including the rear window, etc.? My understanding is that it's possible but I can't seem to find any write-ups or pics of anyone who's done it.
  8. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    Great looking Jeep! I'm about to get those same wheels. Also in SoCal... where do you go wheeling?
  9. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    Hey guys this may be a dumb question but what's the best way to mount a whip and flag to a JL? I saw that the front steel bumper has a hole in it but I would rather mount it to the back somewhere.
  10. Rough country 2.5 lift pics / reviews

    Any issues with the 37" spare on the stock carrier?
  11. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    OK so now my whole family wants to go. Originally I was just brining my 9 year old daughter, now my 5 year old boy and 11 year old boy want to go, which means I have to bring my wife because there's no way I'm taking care of all 3 :). I hear you on missing sports, but I think this will be...
  12. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    Perfect! Now my 5 year old wants to go as well. You should bring them!
  13. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    That will work. Are you camping out on the beach or staying in a hotel? I think this is a kid-friendly event so I'm planning on bringing my 9 year old.
  14. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    I'll probably do the same. Where are you in L.A.? Maybe a few of us can meet up and drive together. I'm coming out of Tarzana in the SFV.
  15. Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. Trail Grappler?

    Thanks for the reply! What about on rocks and such? Will the performance be pretty similar? Being in SoCal and surrounding areas, we don't have a ton of mud.
  16. Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. Trail Grappler?

    Hey everyone... I'm getting 37's on my 2018 JLU Rubicon, with a 2.5" lift. I'm probably using the Jeep about 80% on road and 20% off road, and I'm in Southern California. I've narrowed my tire choice down to Nitto Ridge Grapplers or Trail Grapplers. I like the look of the Trail Grapplers...
  17. Big Bear trails for beginners

    Pics look awesome! @Maverick909 what other trails did you hit up there? We didn't make it up this weekend but will probably head up on Saturday.
  18. Big Bear trails for beginners

    Any of you guys staying until Monday? We may head up for the day and hit a few trails.
  19. Wheeling Sunday 9-1?

    Have a great time, Vic!
  20. Wheeling Sunday 9-1?

    Anyone interested in some off-roading I’m So Cal this Sunday 9-1? If you’re not, care to recommend any fun trails for a stock JL Rubicon to tackle? Thanks!