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  1. Any Audiophiles here?

    I get stuck with Yach Rock…..kill me now….
  2. Any Audiophiles here?

    I'm with ya here….. I did a few minor\cost effective things….but to me it’s not worth the bucks to try to get it there. I like being topless and if I want primo audio…I’ll snag my wife’s ride.
  3. Anybody using shadeidea sunshade?

    I did the jtops because I didn’t want the bungee set up. More expensive but works for me. I did have a few issues with customer service and being shipped the wrong top….but here in Texas…you need a shade if you go topless.
  4. Alien shade for JL

    That design contains two rods that drop into two channels and keeps it tight. That’s why it extends a bit over the rear roll bar…but hey….it’s a case of looks over function it seems and it’s your Jeep to mod…. I get no flapping no gaps at 80 mph on the highway…just a tight and effective shade.
  5. Alien shade for JL

    Jtops… no Bungee cords and mil spec straps.
  6. 8.4 Alpine premium audio really audiophile quality?

    Go to crutchfield, buy the infinity dash speaker upgrade , polyfill and some dynamat. Take 10 min to polyfill and swap the dash speakers. dynomat and polyfill the roll bar and sub woofer and be done. Otherwise spend thousands chasing sound in a topless off road vehicle. I love great sound in...
  7. Best sounding Cold Air Intake??

    All that Banks stuff is quality. I wish they made a car back for the JL.
  8. DFW Dealer prices

    try Huffines…,they worked with me on my 21 order…Janice was my sales person. No other dealers would discount like they did.
  9. Best sounding Cold Air Intake??

    when I did the Banks CAI and Banks cat back…I got about 2mpg more on my JK. It was a bit more responsive but that was It….a bit.
  10. Best sounding Cold Air Intake??

    There are quite a few opinions on the filtration ability of CAI‘s vs Stock filters.....oiled vs dry and the like. I’ve run both and the potential for damage with a trade off for very minor gains in mpg and sound are in my opinion just not worth the expense or risk. Google this and you will see...
  11. Backup Camera issue

    they are full of bull...CarPlay users have the same disappearing magic lines 2 month old Rubicon has the same problem.
  12. MagnaFlow JL Jeep Wrangler Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

    When I pulled the stock exhaust, I took Dynomat and lined the underside of the Jeep. that cut the drone to almost zero...very slight.... Had I not done that...I'm sure it would drone. The tread edition isnt loud as much as it sounds like some kids Honda.
  13. MagnaFlow JL Jeep Wrangler Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

    Well I jumped on it early....waited for a couple of months. I have the tread edition. Don’t buy the hype as I did. Not a deep sounding exhaust as I expected. More “tinny” to my ear. Aside from the price and waiting....the sound left me underwhelmed. The Banks I had on my JK sounded much much...
  14. MagnaFlow JL Jeep Wrangler Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

    I went with AWE and regret it. Not worth the cost or the wait. Next exhaust for me will be MF.
  15. Best sounding Cold Air Intake??

    I personally wouldn't do a CAI again... but the Banks CAI I had on my JK was a quality, highly engineered unit. IF I wanted to risk my engine with a CAI...I'd do a Banks in a heartbeat.
  16. Just got home from Bronco event...

    " "Jeep not figuratively flip off their customers first." - Maybe you need to say "Jeep not figuratively flip ME off as a customer". Jeep has always taken care of me. My issues were always addressed (few as they were). Again back to my Tacoma, I actually had a service manager tell me to take...
  17. Just got home from Bronco event...

    "It’s not a matter of disliking Jeeps, it’s a matter of not wanting my dealer’s service manager to know me by sight should I ever buy another.". Like the Toyota Service managers I had with my POS 2018 Tacoma? Never had ANY problems with my JK's or my JL. Had one issue with my TJ when it was...
  18. Bantam Jeep Festival

    Here is the like to the website for this AWESOME jeep event. I'm bummed we moved to Texas so I cant attend...but I'm planning a trip back to attend one....
  19. First time off-road DFW TX

    I drove up to Bridgeport to scope it out. About 45 min from my home. Looks fine...but much different than my off reading back in PA. After I get a few more miles on the JL... I will be spending a couple of hours up there. They also have a Facebook page and don’t forget the Texas regional forum...
  20. New parts changing my mind

    Its been on order with my local Off road shop for a few weeks..... I'm hoping it ships soon. How did you like the bumper and the quality? I chosse aluminum because I didnt want to add a ton of weight to the front. Did you feel much difference in steering feel or performance?