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  1. Anyone know the type of pins for the front door wiring harness?

    I'm installing power locks and I want to keep the functionality of the wiring harness for taking my doors off. Does anyone know what kind of pins to use in the empty slots in the wiring harness? Thanks.
  2. California Stock JLU Sport Suspension, Muffler, Steering Gear Box (San Diego)

    Hey, I have all control arms, both track bars, 4 shocks (no springs). Stock muffler. Stock steering gear box (replaced it for play in the wheel but if you need a spare I don't have storage room). Located in San Diego Pacific Beach. All free.
  3. California SOLD

    Hey Pyrate I'm glad it worked out!
  4. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    I couldn't find it online either. Just call up a dealership parts department and give the number to them. They should be able to order it.
  5. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Heck yes. I've been waiting for this for 2 and a half years. The Jeep is out of warranty so I had to just suck it up and order the part. Which kind of sucks since I've been complaining to the dealer since the Jeep was new. If they issued a TSB with a redesigned gear box, then they are admitting...
  6. Teraflex Falcon 3.3 issue

    That's just going to happen my friend. You installed a stiff shock. If there are any imperfections in the highway you are going to bob up and down. Are you driving on concret slab highways. Take it to a different highway that is paved with asphalt. I'm sure it will go away.
  7. California SOLD

    Put them on, drove around the block, took them off. I have a pretty light 4-Door Sport, so these gave me too much lift. I kept them for a while in case I wanted to go higher, but I'm sticking with 2.5" springs. Brand new $418.00 MSRP. Front and rear together. Selling them half off for $200...
  8. Motor Trend confirms steering issue fix made to 2020 Jeep JL (gear valve tuning & pump calibration changes)

    Jeep: "There is nothing wrong with your steering. That is how it is supposed to feel." Also Jeep: "Wrangler engineers had made both steering gear valve tuning and pump calibration changes." Me: "Ohhhhhh" :headbang:
  9. Anyone Running Rancho RS9000XL

    I've had the Teraflex 3.3s on for about two years. A few months ago I ordered some Ranchos and threw them on for a month to see if they would be a lot more comfortable. Had I ordered the Ranchos first, I would have kept them. They are way cheaper and a "bit" softer. They didn't completely wow...
  10. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Eh who knows. The steering has always sucked. It always will suck (until i get that new Broncooooooooo). Hello independent front suspension and highway comfort. I wheel my Jeep almost every weekend but I CANNOT wait to give my hard earned money to Ford and never have to ignore another loser in a...
  11. Rough Country 2.5 inch spacer lift on JLUR, Any Regrets?

    I had it on a Sport for a while. Wheeled it pretty hard and never had a problem. Ride wasn't noticeably affected. 33's will probably look pretty dumb. They looked dumb on my Sport once I increased the lift to 3.5 inches. The quality of the sway bar links IS sub-standard. If I had kept the spacer...
  12. Steering wheel no longer centered

    Yes sometimes it just slips out of alignment. Happens all the time off roading.
  13. Has Anyone Installed Metal Cloak 2.5 Lift With Alternative Shocks.

    The Falcon 3.3 are STIFFFF. I have them with the Metalcloak springs and lift.
  14. Steering Stabilizer - Which One?

    It's just not what a steering stabilizer does. Also, 380 pages to read of anecdotal evidence right here.
  15. California *** SOLD ***

    Where are you located? I'm in San Diego.
  16. Teraflex 3.3 review

    Did you get the SP2 version? I thought the ride was way too stiff even on setting 1. Had to get them re-valved to 2-door specs. I feel like that made a difference, but who knows.
  17. Switching from horsepower to 4x4

    I'd rather have a fast car and a crap-box 4x4 to take out as a toy. I'd much rather have a fast car for my daily commute, but I love having the Jeep for the weekends to get away. I hate driving the Jeep an hour every day to work. BUTTTT.... if you only need to go fast every once in a while...
  18. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I was showing my friend how ridiculous the steering was on my Jeep the other day. Made a few videos of the Jeep acting like a drunk 12 year old. I don’t really care at this point anymore, I just thought it was funny. I've learned to live with it. But also, [email protected] you Jeep.
  19. California (SoCal / OC) Set of 5 BFG KO2 take-off wheels & tires from 2020 JLU Rubicon, only ~1500 miles

    I think most people are just looking for tires at this point (including me). Having to pull them off, reinstall TPMS, and sell the wheels to someone else sounds like a pain.