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  1. 35 inches tires on stock Rubi wheels and suspension

    Do you have a pic of your setup? I have a stock JLUR and want a little height but don’t want the lift with 37s. It’s too high for me for a DD with having a 4 year old and another due in two weeks.
  2. South Carolina JLUR Rubicon 4-Door Rock Rails

    Are these still available?
  3. Tennessee FS Stock Rubicon Tires (BFG KO2 285/70/17)

    Mind if I ask why you’re keeping the spare?
  4. Electric Ratchet for Top/Doors I use this one. It stays in my rear cargo area (drill only. I bought an extra batteries and actually keep two of the Bosch work lights that...
  5. JLU (4DR) Alien Shade

    $100 shipped to 30076?
  6. Tailgate storage

    Oh wow! Yeah I didn’t know he had taken it out. I asked if there was any way to get it without the logo and he originally said no. Wish I had known!
  7. Please Explain... Mopar Swing Gate Reinforcement

    This was my question. Looking forward to the answer.
  8. Tailgate storage

    It’s not my style with the big logo but I do like how much Molle Doc Pluto n there. I have the Mopar one and would strongly recommend.
  9. Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust kit $260 (SC/ South Florida)

    I live in Atlanta and can drive to SC. What part do you live in? Do you have the part number?
  10. Extended warranty and antirust

    It wasn’t until I read your carpet that I even realized it WASN’T antitrust! Haha When I read the title of the post I assumed it was going to be about some sort of lawsuit!
  11. Dash Board Sticker

  12. Maximus-3 JL Roof Rack System

    Thank you!
  13. Maximus-3 JL Roof Rack System

    How do you go from hardtop with this installed to hardtop removed? Do you have to take the rack off, then remove hardtop, then re-install roofrack? Are the legs/mount/attachment points able to be left on when the doctor is installed or are they at least easily uninstalled so you can change to...
  14. I almost flopped the JL

    Seriously, dude? I bet you’re a ton of fun to be around for sure. Your name is probably Marve and I’ll bet you’re the HR and safety manager who drives a Dodge Stratus at whatever douche bag company you work for.
  15. 67 Designs RAIL now available for the JL

    Will you also send me the link?
  16. Ordered three months ago... Delivered to dealer Friday. They sold it to SOMEONE ELSE on Saturday!

    I’m glad this worked out for you! Great job paying attention to the Vins. For what it is worth this is exactly what happened to me except it was not actually caught in time and sold to the guy that called and placed a deposit on it after seeing it online.