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  1. Insane Used Jeep pricing.

    good luck getting it that much below invoice in 95% of places
  2. How bad is this deal?

    oh it's def a problem. Many dealers are severely low on inventory. Koons said they cannot guarantee delivery time right now
  3. Using Dryer 220 outlet for Level 2 charger

    not to mention there is a 30% tax credit for such an install up to $1,000 credit as well as some states may offer one as well.
  4. Jeep dealers looking empty

    Koons in MD/VA are bare as well at least their online inventory. A local rural Jeep dealer has probably 40% on the lot of what they normally do across all Jeeps not just Wranglers.
  5. Charge Times

    every vid i've seen say s 16 hrs on Level 1. odd tho b/c it's same battery size as rav4 phev and ours charges in 12 hrs on level 1
  6. California 4xe Deals

    the way congress works right now, nothing is done till it's done. far from being a thing
  7. NO ORDERING OF 4XE now.

    it's not just the shutdown. There was a fire in a major chip making plant as well.
  8. 4xe order banks are open...sort of (first ordering details inside)

    maybe i missed it, is this retroactive if passed? say you already bought one in 2021
  9. Areas of improvement

    it's for the key, but i put my phone there and the key below the aux switches or where ever that little cubby is
  10. Dealer for Best Price on 4Xe?

    yep, was just told same. Such bullshit, dealers are trying to squeeze every last dollar out of people. I'll just wait for 2022 model at this point
  11. What can you plug in to run in case of power outage?

    watched most of it. He ran a tv, toaster, coffee maker and griddle and I'm at the power saw part... not all could run at once but the coffee maker was pulling 1300w and was fine. edit- he hooked it up to his home's e-panel and ran tons of stuff in the house all at once, minus the AC/furnace...
  12. What can you plug in to run in case of power outage?

    Tried a search, but didn't see anything. Say the power goes out. Is it possible to run a house fridge off the battery in the 4xe?
  13. NO ORDERING OF 4XE now.

    car chips are on the low priority list for chips compared to other tech
  14. Red cost to change blue exterior accents

    maybe, but i do like the red tow hooks on my current red jlur so would probably just paint the blue ones red
  15. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    I was dead set on red, silver as a distant 2nd, but I gotta say this just moved close to red for me
  16. Red cost to change blue exterior accents

    that doesn't bother me too much tbh as once in the car it's all black.. still prefer the red stitching tho
  17. Red cost to change blue exterior accents

    thought of that and sounds a bit hokey :p