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  1. How did you decide on your engine?

    That PN is definitely just a regular-old alternator:
  2. How did you decide on your engine?

    My 2018 3.6 non-etorque with HD electric/tow package definitely has a traditional alternator, for what it's worth. So it's not "all HD electric/tow".
  3. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    Yeah I see it now. No idea what the hell I was looking at before 🤣
  4. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    Looks like Hydro Blue and Gecko(?!) are gone already, Billet Silver returns? Edit: They're still available in the 2dr order guide though.
  5. Interactive Pricing Worksheets For 2021 JL & JLU Wrangler

    The order guide lists the color code as "PHP" for Tuscadero, which if you look it up appears to be the same as "Dark Plum" from prior years.
  6. 2019 6 cyl vs 2021 6cy is there any difference

    My 2018 V6 has always sounded a bit diesel-ish. I was a little concerned at first but checked a few other V6s and they all sound about the same. I believe the fuel injectors are just really noisy for some reason.
  7. Teraflex Track Bars, Who’s had no issue on your JL?

    Yeah that part was a pain. I got it barely started by coming in from the side, and slowly and gently tapping with a hammer down at the frame end of the bar to drive it into the bracket.
  8. Teraflex Track Bars, Who’s had no issue on your JL?

    +1 to Shawn, that part of it is working as designed. It's fine for it to rotate like that around the imaginary axis through the length of the track bar. That part never bothered me. My issue, echoed by others here, exhibits the same sort of sound, but it's separate and distinct. It's easy...
  9. Teraflex Track Bars, Who’s had no issue on your JL?

    I replaced mine with the Rock Krawler one. It was more of a fuss to install, but I am much happier with it. No more clunking noises when I rock the steering wheel back and forth, and no more intermittent shimmy in the steering.
  10. How accurate is tire pressure gauge?

    I did the same, ordered without a gauge. I had this inflator already: Which I highly do *not* recommend. Leaked like crazy. But the pressure gauge was fine. I used this adapter: So now I have that...
  11. Anyone installed the new Teraflex front trackbar...?

    To follow up on this, I did end up replacing the Teraflex track bar with the Rock Krawler one. Getting the jam nut torqued down to ~300 lbft sucked but it was well worth the struggle. No more weird noises and no more wobble.
  12. Loud whine during acceleration

    I had a similar noise that was bugging me for a while. It sounded like a turbo spooling up but I have the 3.6L. Turns out one of the zip ties for my winch ground had broken and the cable was just barely rubbing along the belt. It didn't rub when the vehicle was parked/idle, but forward...
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    No more NC plates... 🤔
  14. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I can tell you're not joking because you have all of those badges from all of the malls you've visited!
  15. Base Sport 2 door build. Help me decide: Hard Top or Soft Top given my use case.

    My 2 cents, I have the hardtop with the factory headliners, as well as the premium soft top. I don't think the soft top is really all that much louder than the hardtop. Are they equal? No. But the soft top is close enough, and now the hardtop lives permanently hoisted to the ceiling of my...
  16. First Preview of Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, Including Magneto Wrangler EV Concept

    If they actually make a production version of a 2 door, 6 speed manual, all-electric Wrangler, I will fly over the Toledo plant and throw my money at them from the sky.
  17. North Carolina Roll Call

    The Warn one is a bit wider, which means it can interfere with the tow hook depending on exactly what you are trying to get onto it. For that reason I went with the Mopar one even though it was a fair bit more expensive than the Warn one.
  18. The clutch gang!

    You're probably thinking of when Fat Ninja got away from @chevymitchell and hit his shed
  19. Axle Replacement - Should I drive my Jeep?

    The ring and pinion doesn't turn with the FAD disconnected. The pinion is directly attached to the front driveshaft. If the pinion was turning, the front driveshaft would be turning, too. The entire reason the FAD is there is to gain fuel efficiency by not unnecessary spinning the front...
  20. Is there a ‘Best’ adjustable track bar?

    Just at the frame end, the axle end has the anti-wobble joint.