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  1. Advice Needed - Trade Rubicon (family growing)?

    I think the Rubicon has a tiny bit more cargo space and GC has a couple inches shoulder space in the back but that’s it.
  2. Driving at night with the LED Package

    It’s the lift. My stock halogens gets flashes from time to time.
  3. North Carolina Roll Call

    Check out the Tahoe area. Was there last month for vacation and some RZR trails. Beautiful area.
  4. North Carolina Roll Call

    I used to ride racing cycles at VIR. One of my favorite tracks.
  5. Reconsidering the 2019 JL Rubicon - Anyone Else?

    I went through the same Rubicon vs Sport S decision process too. A Jeep is a very capable off road vehicle with out the lockers and electric sway disconnect. Sure there’s trails you won’t make w/o lockers but if you don’t plan on hitting those a Sport is perfectly fine. I love my Sport and very...
  6. What to Expect When You're Expecting (To Purchase Your Jeep Soon!)

    No problems for me in about six months of ownership other than the radio rebooted once while driving which freaked me out but it’s never happened again. I don’t like the ESS fuel saver like a lot of folks but pushing the button has just become part of my preflight check list before putting the...
  7. GM Benchmarking Wrangler at Proving Grounds

    I thought the Colorado ZR2 Bison was their off road competitor to Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger?
  8. Letter from Jeep offering extended warranty

    Is FCA the administrator or is it someone like Assurant, Warrantech, etc. never heard of them doing an end of term refund. This sounds like a scam, especially with the deadline. That’s a pressure sales tactic. There are a lot of marketing costs involved in third party warranties sold via direct...
  9. Letter from Jeep offering extended warranty

    In most states it’s 100% within 30 days. After that it’s prorated based on time, less any claims.
  10. New Jeep Owner

    LOL - I streamed so many off-road videos videos from my iPad to the TV... subliminally convincingly her over time.
  11. Trade Sport S lease for Rubicon?

    If you owned it I’d say keep it and upgrade. You’d lose out on the trade depreciation on buying a new vehicle. Since it’s a lease I’d swap the lease if you can.
  12. Why so few garages?

    I made my garage when I signed up and filled out my profile stuff. Then I added it to my post signature.
  13. Topless with doors off, concerns.

    Concerns? Apply sun screen and maybe wear a hat.
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    I honk the horn twice too.
  15. PRICE REQUEST is this good deal 14% off retail.

    Looks like a great place to start negotiating them down. It’s their advertised price, they’re going to move on it further. Pricing is typically regionally. If I saw this in Charlotte I’d think it was a typo, but in your area that much off MSRP might be normal.
  16. North Carolina Roll Call

  17. North Carolina Roll Call

    Make sure you go Beep, Beep in your Jeep Jeep. I did and my kids cracked up. LOL
  18. Preventing Spare Tire Theft

    Check Bolt out. I don’t think their JL stuff is out yet but they were displayed at SEMA.
  19. What new features would you like to see on the 2020 JL?

    Here’s my wish list items: Better place to put your phone - the small cubby below the window buttons is too shallow. It works ok, but if you accelerate too fast your phone goes out. Better stock speakers & radio - the base radio sound is not good compared to even economy cars More...