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  1. Best way to repair scratches?

    I just conquered a hard overgrown accent here in Australia and put a huge scratch up the side. Heaps of minor ones which I accept but this bad boy goes from the bonnet to the tailight.. I tried a cut and polish but no luck. May have to wet and dry the clear coat..
  2. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    I jam my foot up between the seat and the transmission tunnel on a long drive. Bit of a flat spot there for a bit of a stretch while behind the wheel.
  3. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    I just got back from a shakedown run on the AEV kit and it is just as good as it was on the old JK. Super smooth when disconnected and aired down. Plush on the big holes and drop offs. Wasn’t carrying any gear but it worked great. In regards to install if you can change a tyre, have tools and a...
  4. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Currently running the AEV 2.5 Dual Sport lift with drop brackets. Ride is firm at first but is starting to settle in now. 3 inches in the front and 4 in the rear but this will settle. Pics on my instagram jlrubicon_jeske Install was fairly easy
  5. Wiring through firewall

    Pull the battery and you will see a rubber grommet available. Pierce through and with the glovebox removed and looking up under the dash you will see it. I’ve run my 12v for the air compressor through there.
  6. missing a book?

    Yeah I’m missing that also. As well as receiving a renegade service booklet. Not a Wrangler one..
  7. Delivery Times for Australia

    Nope, no towbar.. but wired for one. The last Jeep I bought came with a show bag of merchandise, hats, beach ball, umbrella etc. good quality stuff. Not even a sticker this time. Maybe that was just McCarroll’s. They even gave me a renegade service manual and not a wrangler one. Fills me with...
  8. Need help. Trying to keep radio on at drive-in.

    Unfortunately, down here in Aus. Our jeep service is clueless and not interested in the product they sell. Yet to meet a genuine Jeep loyalist working for FCA. I’ll only be there if it’s absolutely necessary. But I’ll,ask all the same.
  9. Need help. Trying to keep radio on at drive-in.

    Maybe jeeps diagnostic software might have a check box or something that could do it but we don't have access to that.. I'd love to run everything off a deep cycle that I can run completely flat and have a dedicated start only better. Not the ess battery and main battery we have.
  10. ARB Gear for Aussie Delivered JL Wrangler

    If that salesman worked for me I’d slap him. Trying not to sell you a bar?? Just get the bar, go on back order. Improvise in the short term with some cheap ass or home made mud flaps. Number plate relocation could be a fun lockdown project with a bit of angle steel, drill some holes to mount...
  11. Delivery Times for Australia

    They all contact the same person for supply. So see what un allocated inventory is on the ship already if there is any at this point.
  12. Delivery Times for Australia

    I’m not the kind of person to wait lol, if you want one now get one now but find what’s available and consider all paint options. I do think ordering off the sheet will take 6 to 12 months as there are people in front of you globally who have been waiting a long time. Now with production...
  13. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    That XD131 is nice..
  14. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    I have had my heart set on Method 312 bronze for my JLUR right hand drive. But down here in Australia we get smashed for having wheels outside the guards. The 312’s have a 4.75bs 0 offset. Would have been good on the old JK but too wide on the rubicon JL. For street use.. The borah offset is...
  15. Delivery Times for Australia

    That sux mate. I’m in Newcastle also. Who are you dealing with? I ordered one that was built and already on the ship through McCarrols. I had two options of un allocated JLUR. So I grabbed one of them. See what’s available now maybe, they landed last Tuesday in Australia.
  16. Test Drive Wrangler JL in Australia

    I know the pressure thing your describing. When my son puts the window down a bit in the back and all other windows are up it comes in hard. I quickly crack my window the equalise the pressure in the cab. Silly question but all your windows were fully up yeah?? Of all the reading and research I...
  17. Hey Jeep USA - Give us Aussies a go - we want the same specs as you!

    Got a feeling its our Government that watered down the rubicon and not Jeep. Because we follow the strict Euro standards that the US do not. It would be in Jeeps best interest as a business to have the US spec globally. To save on tooling, weird ADR compliant parts that we will remove on day one...
  18. JL Wrangler Australia

    Allow my 2c worth.. Like for most of us here down under, the JL has been somewhat of a dream come true. No more sh!t auto 4 speed in the early model, slowing down on hills when cruising a highway, more comforts from the grand cherokee but in the wrangler platform. Seeing what you all get in the...
  19. Back-up safety beeping with towed trailer?

    My Grand Cherokee 2017 does the same. It’s not designed to work with a trailer. Simply turn your parking sensors off when towing as I do.