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  1. Sarge Green with Tan Soft Top and Tan Leather

    I almost went with this combo but ended up going Sarge green with tan interior but stuck with the black premium top. Main concern was keeping it clean and how close the "tans" would be. I'm happy with my choice as with my roof up the black top and black wheels (sahara 4xe) look awesome...
  2. 4xE Order Status??

    I think ours are stuck in the same "inspection" purgatory....mine has been in inspection 67 days. Jeep Chat is no help, "Jeff" has been no help (although I do love replying to "his" non-update updates!) this point I'm just waiting, and waiting. At least my price is good/locked....although...
  3. Anyone ordered a Jeep Wrangler in the last two months from the factory? How long did it take before you got your jeep?

    Mine is basically same timeline.....been sitting in inspection for 50+ days. Jeep chat is no help, they've escalated but all I get is the same generic responses. Beyond frustrated. If it wasn't built yet that is one thing, but to be being "inspected" for two months tells me there is an issue.
  4. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    There is a full spreadsheet that is kept updated in this post that lets you configure and see the MSRP/Invoice/etc for the wrangler. The 4xe models are all included:
  5. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    Ordered my Sahara 4xe Thursday, 6% under invoice/11% under MSRP. Couldn’t have done it without all the help here and on the 4xe FB group! Already got my VIN, now just waiting!
  6. 4xe now officially listed for $7500 Federal Tax Credit

    Looks like the federal eligibility list has officially been updated to include the Wrangler 4xe.