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  1. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Great trails at Evans Creek. We ran into a Couple Forest Rangers cutting a downed tree, the Rangers were glad to get some winch assistance...Cleared the path to the peak/rock slide lookout area.
  2. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    @Go4Low if you want an understanding of how your 40A fuses are really 30A fuses at room temperature (77F) and just continue to go down from there in rating as ambient temps increase under your hood, and how the effective AWG of your wiring is also reduced while the amperage draw of the...
  3. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Making an Evans Creek run Sunday 20 JUN. Thus far 1 JK and 1 JL is part of the group. PM if interested.
  4. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    "ARB tech support is great..." I'll second that, GREAT! customer service too.
  5. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    Installed in the engine bay, passenger side on top. Had no problem for months, then couple months ago it started popping fuses. The reason why I had suspected heat is because the fuses seem to blow at the flip of the switch, basically as soon as I get off the trail and open the hood and flip...
  6. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    I've inspected the wiring, verified the ground and with no fix. I am back on thinking it is heat related as Jim suggested.
  7. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    I think you on it! I was initially thinking heat, and was going to remedy it, but an ARB Tech said heat would not be the problem and decided to replace the head cover.
  8. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    I burn through fuses almost every time I fill up. I had the Head Cover of the compressor replaced, checked voltage but I am still having issues...I am talking 2-4 fuses may burn out during one fill up!
  9. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    WOWZ 😎 Where did you attached the tank?
  10. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    Just my initial thought...may not make sense, but there is plenty of smart and knowledgeable folks here that can provide facts or opinions: I am thinking of buying another dual ARB compressor and plumbing it with the dual one I have installed already. That would make four compressors. I am...
  11. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    For me I'd say: Moderate side: Having to shift to 4Low. Difficult side: In 4Low, sway bars disconnected, occasional lockers. May require spotter/getting out vehicle to assess.
  12. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    It was a good trek...Beautiful sights. Deep soggy snow as you got up in elevation...locked low and slow.
  13. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    A buddy invited me to meet up Sunday 16May in Greenwater to do what he says is more adventurous than challenging. I've never been there, but I accepted the invite to at least go for a drive and checkout the area....Share INFO if you're familiar with the area. PM me if you're interested in...
  14. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    Update on the reason why my exhaust loops were not fitting. The pipe was previously hit/deformed. Other folks may be experiencing fitment issues because of this as well, especially if you were wheeling your vehicle before you install the ARTEC belly pan. Solution: Installed another crossover...
  15. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    It was Good Times 😎 Think we had total of 21 Jeeps mix of JKs, JLs, TJ...easy going folks. We split in two groups...did west loop yellow jacket, buggy hill and sashquat. I don't know if those are "official" names of the rock gardens, but I've always heard folks referring with those names.
  16. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    I'm meeting with a couple JKs tomorrow at Safeway parking Lot in Belfair to run Tahuya...PM if you want to join.
  17. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Not sure of my availability on the 25th yet. I typically go for moderate to difficult trials.
  18. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Anyone here meet and run trails in WA?...I cannot be the only trail happy JL in WA. I am looking to meet up with other local JL owners that meet and run trails in Washington.
  19. Washington Stock DRL & Quake LED with Sequential Turn Signal

    For sale. One set of: Quake LED Smoked LED Fender Light with SEQUENTIAL TURN SIGNALS for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL. AND One set of: Clear LED Fender Daytime Running Turn Signal Lights for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL. The clear lights were replaced with the Quake LED. The Quake LED was then replaced...