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  1. Brake pads

    Even the insanely priced mopar pads list all front axle applications
  2. Brake pads

    Yes but, all my research shows the below Yea I can’t get a definite answer. From what I can tell pads are the same with calipers being tweaked to accommodate differences in rotor thickness.
  3. Redbird, Interlake or Badlands July 5

    Got a new tow strap for Father’s Day. Hopefully we don’t need to test it out
  4. Happy Fathers Day!

    Yup could see my kids doing that then running in fear 😂😂
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed one of those behind the tire brake lights that the wife and kids for me for Father’s Day. While I had the spare off I washed the Jeep to clean that up.
  6. 17x9 wheels, 0 vs -18 offset

    I was looking at offsets this morning. Depends on how far out you want the tires to stick out. I like my tires tucked close to stock.
  7. Brake pads

    Is there a difference in front brake pads between models? I want to try out the bendix fleet metlock pads as they are FF rated and reasonably priced. But trying to see if the pads are the same between models, I know the calipers and rotors differ some up front. My rock auto search seems to...
  8. Is there a JL truck conversion out there yet?

    I think someone needs to make a removable bulk head for a JLU and block off panels for the rear doors like a HMMWV. That way you can still get into the rear foot well for storage.
  9. Redbird, Interlake or Badlands July 5

    Worse case if it’s not open at 8am we can roll and get some grub. Yeah I am happy to still be in, I was a 21B got hurt and when it went back to 12B they said no permanent profiles. Now I am a duck hunter (air defense). It’s been good to me. If I can do a second stint as GS and get 4...
  10. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    What exactly did the dealer say was wrong with the motor?
  11. Redbird, Interlake or Badlands July 5

    Yea I like talking crap but as being a in the military has been good for me and the family. When this 20 years is up trying to go for a second government retirement. Any luck on the time? All I saw was dawn to dusk.
  12. Redbird, Interlake or Badlands July 5

    Damn G-men ruin everything!
  13. Badlands Question

    I despise Facebook. But marketplace is better than Craig’s List and there is certain military info I can only seem to get through it. Than again it banned me from posting in groups today…
  14. Redbird, Interlake or Badlands July 5

    Thinking around 8-9am. If I leave here at 5 I can be there right around 8. Not going to lie probably will have slight headache that morning 😂
  15. Redbird, Interlake or Badlands July 5

    Yea posted that copied message, got a notification that some of my stuff was suspended and to check notifications. No notifications in the queue. Went to post a response to another comment and it popped up suspended until December 4th 😂. I hate Facebook I got some of those handheld cobras so...
  16. Inner Fender Rubbing Both sides STOCK

    Really? Mine have always been in front like OP thought they were supposed to be that way?
  17. Wrangler vs Acura MDX... I win

    me too. Probably would have put in 4lo and pushed him where he was supposed to go.
  18. Redbird, Interlake or Badlands July 5

    Well copied your post into the other group as I was lazy and didn’t want to retype. That pissed off the Facebook Police and I am not allowed to post in groups until Dec 4. This is why I don’t do the Facebook.
  19. Redbird, Interlake or Badlands July 5

    Just posted in central Indian jeep’rs I was just thinking about comms on the trail, I would love to get a gmrs but it’s not in the cards right now.