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  1. Broken axles and stuck Jeeps

    Fun day in the trail with friends; stuck jeeps and broken ram axles. Pretty good time
  2. Overlanding in British Columbia, Canada

    it was a great trip! Wish we could have done all we had intended; however I can’t wait to head back! A fair guess would be, you could spend all your life exploring BC and still not see it all, every turn has somthing different that just makes your jaw drop!
  3. Loss of power steering and all warning lights cycle through

    Found the issue with mine myself; 2 broken can wires In the right side A pillar behind the grab handle. They were intermittently shorting together. Check there.
  4. Overlanding in British Columbia, Canada

    Overland trip spent in B.C. it was cut short, but got to visit kinbasket lake and clear creek hot springs! Hope you enjoy!
  5. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I take mine everywhere it will go; same with my wife and her JLUR. Check us out on YouTube!
  6. Off road adventure through stony mountain!

    Off road adventure through stony mountain Alberta, about a week or so before I wrecked my JL (check out that video if you haven’t seen it). Hope you enjoy!
  7. I wrecked my JL!

    That was my plan! But the Canadian economy is too weak right now :-(
  8. I wrecked my JL!

    On a recovery run a few weeks ago, my Jeep broke through the ground and landed on a rock, causing heavy damage and making for a very difficult recovery. Check out the video.
  9. Off road recovery! Saving an XJ from the Alberta mud!

    Recovery we did on an XJ; also had to repair it in the trail to get it moving.
  10. Time to go snorkeling!

    Glad I could help! Also, I’ve been putting it through it’s paces, and can personally say, if installed properly it is very water tight; I’ve been through water over the hood several time’s with it, and the air box and filter stays bone dry.
  11. Time to go snorkeling!

    There’s a picture of the OEM side and the snorkel side! Sorry about the mud!
  12. Never thought I’d be a snorkel guy

    I had to remove my cowl lights, they wouldn’t work. They were this style.
  13. Time to go snorkeling!

    Hey I’ll get a picture for you tomorrow as soon as I get a chance! Sorry for the wait!
  14. KC HiLites M-Rack and Gravity Pro6 Install and Wiring

    KC doesn’t specifically give a weight rating, they just assured me the rack is designed to handle far more load than the roofs rated capacity and also that it will handle a roof top tent no problems. The rack does just secure to the top, however the 2 side rails lay flat on the edges of the roof...
  15. Smittybilt RTT install on KC HiLites M-Rack!

    I’ve recently installed a smittybilt over lander roof top tent on a KC HiLites M-Rack, on my wife’s Jeep JLUR! Looks killer and works fantastic! Check out the install!
  16. Off road exploration!

    A day spent exploring in northern Alberta! Searching for whiskey jack lake! Check it out!
  17. KC M-Rack and a roof top tent

    Nice man! My mother in law borrowed it earlier; probably her driving! We’ll have to get out wheeling some time man!
  18. KC M-Rack and a roof top tent

    Working great man! I have a smittybilt over lander RTT on there and it’s holding up fantastic! And amazingly bright! I’ll post a link to the install thread, there’s a YouTube video on there. If you follow the video to our YouTube channel, I also have a video comparison between the KC lighting...
  19. Comparing KC HiLites Pro6 and M-Rack to common LEDs

    Recently installed a pro6 bar and m rack on my wife’s rubicon! Then we compared her lights to the LEDs on my Jeep! Check it out!