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  1. Correct fuse size

    The things you push in when you get your new Jeep.
  2. Correct fuse size

    Good question. 16 x 4 / 12= 5.3. 6 amp fuse?
  3. Correct fuse size

    DV8 Offroad B3CE16W4W BC-3 3" Chrome Series LED Cube Light What is the correct fuse size for 4 of these tied together?
  4. JLU Aux switches

    Just looking for an inexpensive switch that looks decent. Any photos?
  5. JLU Aux switches

    Does 400 for the OEM switches seem insane?
  6. JLU Aux switches

    I was too cheap to get the OEM Aux switches. Is there a good alternative or should I bite the bullet and get Mopars?
  7. JLU A Pillar Cube Lights

    Any tips or pictures of how to route wiring from the A pillar down to the battery? Just looking for the best route.
  8. Static issues iPhone through USB cord

    I listen to my iPhone through a USB cord, not Bluetooth. Getting some static issues, tried different cords and USB-C cord. Any thoughts?
  9. DV8

    Thoughts on DV8 components? I’ve bought a few small items, hood latches, A pillar light mounts and they never seems to include instructions. Not that they’re rocket science to install but you’d think they would throw in a few pointers just in case. If I buy a front bumper do you think the...
  10. JLUR Storing front doors

    Any pics of storing front doors in the vehicle?
  11. 2021 JLURD just had an update night.

    Anything stand out as new? Other than loosing some of my XM presets.
  12. 2021 JLURD Parking Sensors

    My bad, by out I meant spread them wider a few inches.
  13. 2021 JLURD Parking Sensors

    Thinking what if I could move the inner sensors out 3 or 4 inches? Also someone mentioned with a tire cover they no longer went off. Also, maybe a device to deflect the sonar so it had nothing to reflect off of? Just throwing out ideas.
  14. 2021 JLURD Parking Sensors

    Put on new rims with stock tires. The wheel offset pushes the tire out, and sets off the reverse parking sensors. I raised the spare tire carrier 4" but now rear view visibility is poor. Can the rear parking sensors be adjusted so they don't catch the edge of the tire and set off the warning?
  15. Pulling one door off temporarily.

    Because I might be on a short drive?
  16. Pulling one door off temporarily.

    Any tips on pulling just the drivers side door off and storing it in the vehicle for short trips? No damage is the goal.
  17. 3.0 L Diesel Oil JLURD

    Who has the best price on 5 qt jugs of Mopar approved oil for the diesel?
  18. Bestop Sunrider

    I thought it was weird that when I ordered it @Bestop said they were on back order. The next day I got an email saying it was on it's way. Probably was a return then. Bummer.
  19. Bestop Sunrider

    On a side note one of the front latches you can feel it "clamping" and the other one closes but doesn't appear to compress the front gasket at all. Kind of afraid to hit it with the hose at this point.
  20. Bestop Sunrider

    It works, but so do jeep door hinges with blistering paint :)