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  1. Suggested upgrade to BETA 11.2.6 for joe @ zauto

    Hello The addition of the "Adds Brake Hold" function is really good ... but for safety, it would be good if the brake lights stay on .. possible? Thank you
  2. Anyone running 37” 12.5 17 Grabber ATX?

    HI I love them 36" at 25 PSI ( 27 000KM) FredCat Québec / Canada JLUR 2018 37" ATX 2.5" lift RC Catchcan / K&N Air charger / Heikit / Tazer JL 54 000 KM
  3. Hikeit question

    Hello Just to understand, is the setting (CO 9) as just -1 as the (SP 1) ... or there is really more difference than that ... I try to understand the level (1- 9) vs the mode (CO, SP, HI ...). I would like to understand things Thank you
  4. Offset Rubicon vs Sahara

    Hello Is the Wheel Offset of Rubicon and Sahara the same? I want to keep the same look, but higher ... I would like to put 18 "wheels on the Rubicon to put Duratrac 285 / 75R18 for 35" without widening the tire for better traction in the winter and keep my tires year-round. Thank you