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  1. JLUR + 37s: Which suits my needs?

    I run them at about 26psi and they aren’t completely quiet as some people claim but for an mt they are on the quieter side, they handle mud great, normal driving is great and slushy snow is actually pretty amazing, tires are what I would consider super sticky so after about 30min of driving on...
  2. JLUR + 37s: Which suits my needs?

    Here she is with the lift, I haven’t had time to take pics of the driveshaft yet but I can tell that it would need to be replaced over time driving off road from what I could see upon initial inspection. Daily driving would probably be fine on the driveshaft though.
  3. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    If you look real hard you can see the top of the patriot on the other side of me.
  4. needed

    Seven falls isn’t really a Jeep place though. I just went there a few weeks ago and they bus you into it now. Beautiful place if u wanna use them chevrolegs though.
  5. Snow Pack & Road Closures

    Well, being that the springs got anywhere from 5-12” last night I wouldn’t count it completely out but honestly August I feel is one of the nicest months in Colorado. Here’s a picture from around about 11am today, it’s nearly all gone now.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    2.5” metalcloak true dual lift.
  7. JLUR + 37s: Which suits my needs?

    I have 37’s on mine right now with no lift and no rubbing issues as an everyday driver, I haven’t gone Offroad with the 37’s because it will definitely eat the rear fenders alive. I’m installing the 2.5 true dual lift tomorrow I will post pics and let you know what I think. I was also wondering...
  8. Second Windshield Cracked

    I don’t mind, Colorado has some of the worst roads I’ve ever been on, I never see them clean the roads so there are rocks and crap everywhere, I wait until I get pulled over before I replace them usually.
  9. Modifying stock sliders

    Has anyone modded stock Rubicon sliders? Is it feasible to expect them to be any good after modifying them? I have a friend who does custom welding work (tig and mig) and he offered to modify mine. He nor I have ever seen stock ones modified. I was going to go with some 1.75in .250 wall DOM and...
  10. Official Denver Area Group

    I’m in Ellicott but I don’t do social media, (other than this)
  11. New JL is a POS

    Just like all new cars, there are going to be some lemons that roll off the manufacturing line (including Toyota’s). You were just one of the unfortunate people to get one of them.
  12. Second Windshield Cracked

    I’m on my 4th.
  13. Preventing Spare Tire Theft

    Kryptonite chain lock.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    My Jeep got some new choos today while I wait for my lift.
  15. Strangly missing features

    Mine auto locks after about 5 minutes if I walk away from it. I even tested it to see if it was just getting pressed but i unlock it, walk in my house, leave the key on the counter, go back out and it’s locked.
  16. Giveaway of the Month - May 2019 - JL Wrangler True Dual Rate Lift Kit, Rocksport Edition

    Are you stock height? I ordered my 37's with new rims that have 4.5bs and my lift wont be here for another few weeks so Im wondering if Ill be good driving on them for the time being.
  17. Colorado Dake Arbor Press $650obo

    I have an older ratchet style Dake Arbor Press with stand that is in fairly good shape, I had it powder coated white a few years back and still looks fairly decent, I dont have the handle any longer as it was lost in my last move with the military but any 1in solid steel bar should work. This...
  18. Colorado 5 Rubicon Upgraded Wheels and Tires $900

    These wheels will be coming off my Buttaface in the next week or so once my new ones have arrived. This is not a feeler these are for sale. I have a full set of polished lip Rubicon wheels with 13k miles, rotated every 6k miles (including spare) no TPMS. Willing to meet anywhere in the local...
  19. Bug marks on windshield

    Spit and a good strong thumb