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  1. Dirt Burglar - #secretjeep build

    Thanks for the tips and the hacker sprit. I lifted my JL with 2 in Mopar lift and 35" tires. I got the 21/2-6" lift quicker disconnects. Looking to take the leap this weekend or next. I will let you know how it goes!
  2. Dirt Burglar - #secretjeep build

    Hi Justin, Thanks for the post. You are motivating me to post my own build. Question on the JKS Quicker Disconnects. How did the vertical cut off the sway bar tab go for you? I am a little hesitant cutting into my new Jeep. Thanks, Mike
  3. Metalcloak Skillz Day

    My wife and I had a great time at Skillz Day putting my base model Granite JLUS through each of the stations. As a newbie this was an invaluable event. It helped me understand the rationale for modifying through practical hands on experience in a well managed environment.
  4. Trav's overlanding sport build

    I'm looking to com Thanks for your take on the MASS Storage Platform. As I run a soft top, I'm looking to combine the MASS Platform with the Diabolical Slipstream to be able to secure my Overlanding gear when I'm on the trail or in town.
  5. Metalcloak Skillz Day

    Thanks for posting this! My wife and I will be there in our '18 JLUS
  6. Uconnect 3 with 5 inch Radio TERRIBLE!

    I have the same issue. My 5" Uconnect worked perfectly for the first 9 months and only in the past month has it started crashing every time I plug in my iPhone into the USB. Once it reboots it works fine, unless my wife has her iPhone plugged in as well, at which time it will endlessly crash...
  7. It's just a sport

    Thanks Austin. As a newbie this was very helpful. Surprisingly hard to find online until your post!
  8. Granite Crystal Rubi Build - Slow and Steady

    I am a newbie on a similar path as you but with a granite Sport. I'm looking at 35" KO2's with AEV Pintler or Salta wheel. Also looking at the new AEV JL bumpers, but also really like the steel Rubicon Bumper. Looking forward to your updates!
  9. seeking a good shop in San Francisco area to assist with build

    Thanks for the information Kurt!