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  1. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    My understanding is the electrical engine runs the climate when the ICE is off? If that is that case would it be possible while camping, to run the heater in the vehicle for some extended period of time? Any guesses how long it would run like that with a full battery charge? Is the heater able...
  2. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    My brother in law is a airline pilot, he tells me everything is calculated for you based off weight, environment, etc. So they set a certain throttle and rotate at a particular distance, at a certain airspeed, etc. All designed to maximize efficiency / fuel. My guess is there was a "oh, shit"...
  3. 4xe Rubicon Weight and Off Road Performance

    I believe the difference in transfer cases is clutch vs chain driven. I think it will only be an issue if you are truly a hardcore offroader. You can see the same/similar arguments on NP241 VS NP242
  4. % of Diesels with major problems?

    Do you have a build thread for the scrambler?
  5. Extra Fuel Tank
  6. Hood Cargo Basket

    I bought one of these 15 years ago because my 2 door had no room with the dogs in the back. Expensive but has lasted with a lot of abuse. Fits a ton of stuff and has only got water intrusion with a monsoon type of storm. Locks and is...
  7. 2021 Rubicon Rock-Trac Full time

    If you live in a snowy area (or even a heavy rain area) then it will have value for you. Jeeps have had variants of this for years with no issue. I have a 15 year old liberty with a similar system and it has been perfectly reliable.
  8. JL rear frame section same as JK? This was one of the discussions from early on.
  9. Long Range Fuel Tank

    I have one on my JKU. Best mod I have ever done, my wife even loves it and she doesn't like anything I do to the Jeep. I noticed no real difference in handling, acceleration or braking. Weight is less than the having an additional adult in the vehicle. Yes it is more expensive than gerry...
  10. Is There any Point in Trac Loc if I'm getting Selec Trac

    You should go over to YouTube and check out the various Jeep 4wd videos. They are very informative and you will find that 4wd and LSD are complimentary systems. Independently they will only give you partial off-road capability.
  11. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    Around 600 miles, haven't noticed any changes in handling but I don't really do anything super difficult offroad either.
  12. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    I did the install myself over a weekend. Wasn't hard just time consuming and you have to be creative with jacks if you don't have a lift. I didn't wire the switch like they did I just wired their switch to a toggle switch and the toggle to the battery. That way I didn't have to splice into any...
  13. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    Not 100% sure but I believe so. The tank attachs at the crossmember behind the transfer case, so from the picture I would think you are good but I would contact cruiser brothers / long range america to be sure. As a side note mine is installed on a JKU so JLU might be differrent.
  14. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    The LRA aux tank has its own pump that pumps fuel into a t-fitting in fuel fill hose. So it is the equivalent of getting gas at the gas station. The LRA tank has a push button switch with three lights green lights to indicate full, half, etc. and a red light to indicate empty. When you push the...
  15. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    According to the website it is 38kgs which is ~83lbs for the tank. With fuel add another 90 lbs but that number will be variable. I didn't notice any real difference in handling.
  16. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    It has been awesome. No issues I highly recommend it and it has been worth every penny for me.
  17. JLU 3rd Row Seats using JL 2 door Rear Seats

    The JKU rear compartment had same frame strength from rear passenger section all the way back to tailgate. Rollbar didn't cover it but there is a aftermarket roll bar addition. I know JLU has rollbar addition available would just need to verify frame strength (Jeep usually puts that info out)...
  18. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Titan fuel tank fits most tire carriers and is very similar to AEV. I've had both on my JKU and liked them. AEV fits closer to the body but Titan holds more and allows me to use a rack.
  19. Full steel roof JL? Would you buy it?

    The Dakar concept was essentially turned into the 1st Gen liberty.