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  1. Bad shocks at 60k miles!

    I did that when i found 1 leaking shock at 50k miles. Cheaper to buy 4 take offs than 1 new pair. When I started replacing them, I found another one that was blown. Even the rubicon oem shocks are junk.
  2. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    If I am running safari mode, I don't bother with sunrider position. I just fold the top completely down. Just one extra easy step to do this, and worth it.
  3. Summer Roof Advice

    I have a soft top and got caught in the rain with the doors off. It was a downpour, but even with the soft top in safari mode, enough rain got in to thoroughly soak the carpet. I pulled the drain plugs, but the carpet still retained most of the water. If you get lots of rain in your area...
  4. How are your seats holding up?

    I have a 2018 jlur with 60 k miles and tan leather seats. Leather has been holding up well and has not been too hot with top off in Michigan summer sun (may be a factor). I have seen that some in past models that are 2 doors would fold thetr seats forward to help shield the sun, but this is not...
  5. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    Love driving with the soft top down, until about 70 mph. Then to me, its too windy and loud. So if I'm cruising on a side road or around town its top down, for freeway driving top up.
  6. Backing Into Parking Spots: The Debate

    With the backup camera and parksense sensors, it is arguably easier to back into a space than go in forward. Going forward, the front bumper is blind and the fenders slope away so the result is I end up parking more at an angle to the parking lot lines if there are no other cars cars around to...
  7. Molle bags has some good molle stuff for Jeeps. The molle velcro strips they sell for the back of the rear seats looks interesting.
  8. What devices have you plugged into backseat outlet?

    My christmas lights kept turning off on their own every 20 minutes or so. Don't know why, but if I cycled the ignition off then on, they worked again. Also charged power screwdriver with no problem.
  9. Molle bags

    Sorry, not sure how to link from amazon, but search for Acetac multi purpose EDC admin pouch. 3.5 x 7.5 x 10 inch. Not a perfect fit, perhaps 12 or 13 inch wide would be a better fit (one more molle strap), but seems to be pretty good quality. Everlit sold the same pouch with survival gear in...
  10. Molle bags

    I store add on mirrors for doors off days, and winch cord/wireless controller in one bag behind driver, small survival kit in bag behind passenger. Also small fire extinguisher in pouch behind driver. Works great so far. Oh, and small FRS Radio pair too. Using small shallow bags from amazon...
  11. Shift points

    Does anyone know if unpluging the tcm from power will reset the adaptive learning also? Or is there a procedure for doing this?
  12. What made you jump in the Wrangler bandwagon?

    Always wanted one, but was never practical due to size and other reasons. Rented a soft top 4 door in Palm springs on vacation and decided it was more practical than I thought, and even more fun than I thought it would be.
  13. Rock rails with entry access for Rubicon?

    You can find the performance rock rails cheaper if you look for the on ebay and elsewhere. I replaced my existing rails with these and my wife is happy. Replacement was easy - these do not use the body bolts. I would not recommend them for heavy duty rock crawling though. Because they are wider...
  14. Please Check my Winch Wiring Path

    I installed the same winch/plate combo, but routed the wires under the airbox. It was a pain to get the airbox out, but it was a cleaner install, and the wires are not in the way when you change the air filter. Should be fine the way you did it though.
  15. Folding Grab Handles

    I have the pro version. I prefer the wrap because it fits your hand and feels better. Because I have them, without the padding looks unfinished to me.
  16. Red leaking liquid under jeep

    Looks like radiator fluid to me. Check the cap on reservoir. Search for radiator leaks. Has been a common problem.
  17. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    Great looking Jeep. Love the bronze accents! Anyone know where I can get a bronze trail rated badge and Rubicon sticker (other than buying a 392)?
  18. Michigan Beginner Trails

    There are many trails near St Helen, including a big sand pit to play around in. Other than the cost of ORV stickers, its free, and rather easy with a stock Jeep.
  19. how much did you pay for your Jeep?

    Bought my 2018 jlur in 2019 used with 34000 miles on it from a dealer. $50000 original msrp, paid $36000. With 34000 miles in 1 years time, figured it was reliable. Drove well, no mods, no marks underneath so I bought it. 60k miles on it now. Very happy with my purchase.
  20. Does nobody love bare bones Jeeps anymore?!

    If you own a JL with power locks, windows and push button start, try renting a bare bones 2Dr JK on vacation with your wife. I did that in St. Croix a few months ago, got really tired of leaning over to roll up the windows, lock the door, fumbling in my pocket to find the key to unlock and start...