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  1. How much should I be able to negotiate on a used 2018 JL Sahara?

    Used cars do not have as much of a markup as new but that initial 1600 off they offered is a joke. You're 35k price is a good one to stick with. They over 3300 in profit in that vehicle. I would stick with the 35k you want and tell them take it or you're ordering a new one. One thing you can do...
  2. 2018s on Dealer Lots

    I just ordered a 2020 JLUR from Jim Butler in Jeff City, I can PM you the salesmans cell number if you like? Received 6.3% under invoice.
  3. Just Ordered my 2020, good deal?

    Jim Butler Jeep out of Jeff City. Talk to Steve Boekman. I sent you his cell via PM. Didn't need their financing. Just a $500 deposit and that is it. Tell him Brian sent you.
  4. Just Ordered my 2020, good deal?

    We just placed an order here in Missouri. Below is what it is, I am happy with it because I don't need to drive a day to pick up a vehicle or have it shipped. Could we have gotten better? Yes but not by much once you factor in shipping or going to get it, probably even worse. 2020 JLUR 2.0...
  5. Safety Group & Advance Safety Group

    Pricing our a JLUR right now and the dealers build sheet shows safety group(AJ1) and advanced safety group(ALP). He is telling me that when you add ALP it adds AJ1 basically adding another $795 to it. Is this right because I don't see it on the jeep configurator like that.
  6. Altitude package

    I'm going to guess that it is the same thing with the 8.4 screen and safety group issue since I believe they are both included in the Altitude package.
  7. Dealer can't get 2020 pricing

    I don't know why they just don't allow dealers to place the order with everything but have it in something like a hold status or whatever until the parts are available or the issue is taken care of.
  8. Dealer can't get 2020 pricing

    My dealer said he would match 7% below invoice unfortunately he can't place the order yet because I'm wanting the 8.4" and advanced safety group. Anyone know if the safety group can be added after delivery? Sure it would cost more but if it's a month wait or something for this then that will suck.
  9. Dealer can't get 2020 pricing

    My dealer called today and said he could get pricing however he could not add both the 8.4" screen and advance safety group. It was only one or the other so he is going to mess around with it again tomorrow.
  10. Dealer can't get 2020 pricing

    Good to know hopefully they get it worked out soon.
  11. Dealer can't get 2020 pricing

    Anyone hearing about any issues with 2020 pricing not in the dealer's computer now. Had more than one tell me they can't get pricing now but I know some where a few days ago. Sounds like it was available but was taken off.
  12. Rough cost estimate - Mopar 2" lift kit, installed?

    I've read conflicting info on doing the mopar 2" lift yourself and it could void the warranty if there is an issue. But a dealer doing it won't? Anyone able to clarify that? Thanks Brian
  13. Who is offering a Great Deal on a 2020 JL order?

    Thx, they give you a build/order sheet or anything? I called and spoke to another rep so I'll see if he can do the same. Did you finance through them, if so any high fees/rates?
  14. Who is offering a Great Deal on a 2020 JL order?

    Who was your sales rep, I was about to pull the trigger on 7% below invoice at Lakeland FL but this may be better for me. I'm on the STL side but have a home in FL being built that will be done in Aug so I was gonna order from them and pick it up there. That 7% Lakeland offered is about 12.2%...