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  1. New Mexico JL Rock Krawler Quick Disconnects

    Looks like approx $10 Send me a message with your info.
  2. New Mexico JL Rock Krawler Quick Disconnects

    These are free! Must pay shipping if shipped. Missing two washers and one quick release pin.
  3. Louisiana Teraflex Falcon 3.3 shocks

    Are these still available?
  4. Arizona 2020 Rubicon Take-Off Parts...

    How much for the red dash bezels?
  5. New York 18-20 Wrangler JL/Gladiator Parts

    Do you have pictures of the KC Light bar?
  6. Texas WTB Recon seatbelts

    Looking for set of the red recon seatbelts. If anyone knows where to get a set, please point me in that direction! thanks!
  7. Texas Free - JL Rubicon OEM front bumper

    steel or plastic?
  8. New Mexico Front and Rear Westin Tube Fender Flares

    Front and rear Westin tube fenders. They were on the Jeep for less than 100 miles. I just didn’t personally like them. Cons: -Front D/S & P/S welting and double sided tape missing -95% hardware present & usable (damaged bolts and rivenuts) $200 Will ship on buyers dime.
  9. Louisiana Teraflex Falcon 3.3 shocks

    Will you sell the stabilizer by itself? and how much?
  10. Westin fenders trigger turn signal error

    I purchased the Tazer mini and did what you did and it didn’t fix the issue. I’m starting to think i should just put my OEM fender flares back on.
  11. Westin fenders trigger turn signal error

    I have LEDs. I’ll purchase the Tazer as states above and hopefully that fixes it.
  12. Westin fenders trigger turn signal error

    I installed the westin fender flares with the built in turn signals/side marker. Wired everything according to instructions and all the lights work as they should but my dash says the turn signals are not working. Did anyone install the same and encountered a similar issue?
  13. California Warn black fairlead & hook

    how much for just the fairlead shipped to 87121
  14. still in business?

    I ordered a set of 35s and they sent 315. They're the same size in theory but the 315s are cheaper. They still charged me for the higher priced tires of course. The headache trying to get through and get refunded for approx $100 drove me nuts. I just decided to not purchase from them again.
  15. 4.88 gears on Dana 30/35

    Hey guys!!! I put on 35s and now I want to regear to 4.88 but I have no idea what I need. Do I only need the pinion and ring like the following link or do I need additional stuff?
  16. still in business?

    You reached out to an actual 4 Wheel Parts and was able to reach the manager. I guess I’ll give that a try tomorrow since I have a store locally. They just shipped everything to the warehouse in Colorado but it’s been sitting there for over two weeks. I haven’t heard anything about my spare...