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  1. Adding own rear power inverter?

    Hi all, I have a JLU Sport S without the rear seat power option. Has anyone added their own power inverters? Ideally I’d mount it somewhere in the back seat that looks clean and anyone in the back can access. Any suggestions?
  2. Did they really do anything ?

    The dealerships seem to forget that the JL oil capacity is 5 quarts instead of 6 like the JK. I took mine for the free oil change and they overfilled it by an entire quart! I’ve been changing it on my own ever since.
  3. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    3.6 liter 2018 with 30k miles on it and no issues whatsoever.
  4. Plastic Harness Cover - Rear Passenger Door

    Hi folks, Does anyone know where I can find the wire harness cover for the rear passenger door? It's the plastic cover that you have to remove when disconnecting the doors wire harness to remove the doors. I am struggling to find it anywhere online. Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. LoD Armor Lite Rock Sliders

    I bought these LoD rock sliders and couldn't be happier. The quality is fantastic.
  6. Bouncy ride and shaky steering wheel after lift and upgrade tires

    That doesn't sound certainly should not feel like a waterbed! I would get it checked out to make sure everything is ok if I were you. I did a cheap rubicon express 2.5" lift and bilstein shocks and it is way better than the stock suspension.
  7. JL Wrangler Sport or JK Rubicon

    Get the Sport. It is more than capable for what you are looking to do.

    If you plan on doing any mods, stick with the Sport S. You'll just be paying extra for the Willys and replacing all the upgraded mods that come on it.
  9. 2020 JLU Sport to 2019 JLU Sahara or Rubi

    I don't see any reason to upgrade from a Sport to a Sahara unless you want the luxury package that comes with the Sahara. Only upgrade to the Rubicon if your Sport cannot take you where you want to go offroad. I have the Sport S with 35s, 2.5" lift, front bumper and winch and it's taken me...
  10. Mods and mileage

    I get 15 mpg between highway and city driving. I have 35s with 2.5 inch lift.
  11. Gear swap - Engine Whining

    Yep I measured the actual diameter.
  12. Gear swap - Engine Whining

    What did you end up doing to fix the issue? I scheduled an appointment with my local dearlership to get a diagnosis and see if they can fix.
  13. Gear swap - Engine Whining

    Yeah I reprogrammed for the 35s but never hit 8th gear on the highway. May be because the Sport has 3.73 gears and the Rubi has 4.10s. Thanks for the comment. I will probably take it to another shop and get a second opinion.
  14. Gear swap - Engine Whining

    Hey guys, I'm running 35s with 2.5 inch lift on my JLU sport and was losing my 7th and 8th gear on the highway so decided to switch to 4.56 gears. After I got the Jeep back from the shop, I noticed a "whining" noise at certain RPMs/speed. I put 500 miles on it and took it back to the shop so...
  15. Regearing shop in Ohio

    I'm struggling to find a good reliable shop in Central Ohio to get my JLU regeared. The only place I know of is 4 wheel parts and I've heard mixed / bad reviews from others on this forum. Does anyone know a good shop in Ohio? Thanks!