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  1. Florida 2 Door EZ Trunk, EZ Tailgate Table, and EZ Window

    Wow, so you actually have to keep the seat up when folded. I actually use the rear seat quite a bit so I guess it won't work for me. I'm sure someone will pick it up. That's a good price for the entire package.
  2. EZ Trunk

    Hi. Any updates on the installation yet? I also have a 2-door so interested to know how this is working out for you.
  3. New York City area 4x4 repair shops

    No, I didn't have a need yet. But let me know what you think of them if you decide to go there.
  4. 6-spd w. 35" tires: engine valve knocking sound issue

    Because, especially in a heavy street traffic, you wouldn't drive on the 1st gear but on the 2nd one at least and this is where your RPMs drop. Maybe you would use 1st gear, I don't know, I don't do that. For me 1st gear is only for taking off and not for slow drive over longer period.
  5. 6-spd w. 35" tires: engine valve knocking sound issue

    So, @mwilk012 , @Oldbear , @Karnak, @SargeRubicon14. Just an update. I finally caved in and got the Flashcal JL and set my tire size to 34.25 (my actual size). The valve noise is all gone! It seems like no matter what transmission type is there, the computer regulates the fuel intake and...
  6. 6-spd w. 35" tires: engine valve knocking sound issue

    Thanks @mwilk012 , @Oldbear , @Karnak for your replies. To answer your questions... after I changed the tires to 35", it is harder for the car to get to higher rpms but I am indeed trying to keep it at or above 2000. The car only has ~1000 miles on it so I hope no real failures yet. This...
  7. 6-spd w. 35" tires: engine valve knocking sound issue

    Hello Experts! I really need some help solving this strange problem with my new JL. I have a 2-door, 6-speed MANUAL transmission, 3.6 engine, Rubicon with 4.10 gear ratio. I added 35" Milestar Patagonia tires. I did NOT change the speedometer settings in the internal computer after the new...
  8. Sitting on the overhead speaker bar?

    But is it a part of the roll cage or just a hollow divider between roll cage side bars?
  9. Sitting on the overhead speaker bar?

    Thanks @stuckbehindaprius and @Spank . Good to know this thing is strong. I will feel better sitting on it. Thanks!
  10. Sitting on the overhead speaker bar?

    Noooooo. Them silly people.... they don’t know they can save money on a lift kit by sitting on a speaker bar.
  11. Sitting on the overhead speaker bar?

    Could someone verify what exactly is the overhead speaker bar made of? Is this only a hollow speaker holder or is that something stronger than two people can sit on top of? Is it part of the roll cage? I don't dare to sit on it unless I know what is inside and if it can hold the weight. Thanks...
  12. Lamont


  13. 2-door soft top trunk management

    ** This thread is for 2-door soft top owners mostly. So, the 2-door has no trunk space with the seat in position and with the soft top the whatever tiny space that is there is visible for a thief to do some shopping. How do you guys manage the space full time? There is this tail gate mounted...
  14. 2 Door Mojito Rubi

    Hi @1lostCDN . I actually took a plunge and ordered a 2 door rubicon 6-speed. From what I see everywhere you should be fine up to 37" even with stock 4.10. What you will get is the same feel as the non-rubi with stock tires and 3.54. So, of course it will be different, but it should be...
  15. 2" lift with 35s, any regrets with this set-up? Ideal set-up for 35s?

    I love those wheels! Barstow, right? I am thinking to get the same ones. Could you let me know if you get any dirt left directly behind the beadlocks? It looks like they stick up a little bit creating a lip of some sort. Thanks!
  16. 2" lift with 35s, any regrets with this set-up? Ideal set-up for 35s?

    Is there any rubber at all on these tires? Oh, man..... It's like going to a gym wearing stiletto heels.....
  17. 77072395AB Mopar Lift installed on 2.0l

    I think your dealer is trying to unload his overstock on you. Not cool at all. Go to a different dealer and buy it from there. Any dealer, including your original one, will install it the same way as if they sold it to you in a first place, as long as you can prove with a receipt you bought it...
  18. 2020 2-door Rubicon dual top option

    So, it looks like the 2020 Rubicon can finally have dual top option in 2-door configuration. It doesn't seem like other models are getting it, just the Rubicon. I tried this on Jeep's online builder, Costco Auto builder, and some other builders. All allow me to select two tops for the same...
  19. 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL ORDER GUIDE (2-Door)

    You will loose the standard Rubicon stuff, like Dana 44 on both ends, 4.10 axle ratio, real lockers, higher fenders, cool hood..... Gaining? Options are the same kinda on both, except that Rubicon has nicer (imho) Mopar leather seats for cheaper and not the Katzkin ones for $1700....