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  1. Battery or aux battery or alternator issue?

    Just to throw in another oddity, I started it up tonight and the voltage before I started it on the cluster was 11.8, dropped to 10.5 while starting. It started and now the voltage reads 14.2, as I originally expected it to.
  2. Battery or aux battery or alternator issue?

    I have a 2019 JL Sport S 3.6L manual 50,000 miles. I’m trying to identify a low voltage issue. This is my first vehicle with two batteries so I’m not sure if the aux battery is at fault or not. I have had the battery too low to start the Jeep once. It jumped just fine and I had thought we must...
  3. New Mexico JL Rock Krawler Quick Disconnects

    I’ll take them and pay the shipping to Lancaster,CA please!
  4. Illinois Black wheel covers and spare tire cover

    PM’d for wheel covers and center caps
  5. California 5 bfg tires

    I’d love to take them!
  6. 7K Quote.. WTF

    $250 in labor to mount and balance wheels? Plus $125 to install wheel spacers? Seems excessive to me.
  7. Talk me into or out of 20" wheels and 35" tires - Rubi

    Personally, if you want the 20s I'd say go for it. Then you could be the one letting everyone know whether they work or not. The look is subjective. I've seen ugly 17s on Wranglers too. If the 20s are nice and the sidewall ratio looks alright, then I don't see a problem with it. Anyone telling...
  8. evo 2.5 enforcer