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  1. Red leaking liquid under jeep

    So I looked everywhere couldn't find it but the reservoir was a little less than Min. And I had it refilled not long ago so it's weird that it's that low it's probably a broken hose somewhere
  2. Red leaking liquid under jeep

    So the liquid it's very slippery is not heavy like engine oil and has a sweet smell and the actual coolant it's pink but in the reservoir looks like water literaly it's clear but I will look
  3. Red leaking liquid under jeep

    So i just notice my jeep wrangler 2020 has a leak somewhere around the transmission but can't find its origin or if even the transmission at all cause the liquid turns hard like dirt and gets pink colored and only leaks when running and then I stop
  4. High output alternator

    Anyway I can fix this without having to remove the alternator back to the factory one
  5. High output alternator

    Hello I got a 2020 wrangler and I Just installed a New high output alternator on my jeep but now it has this messege on the dash screen and it wont go away the alternator its bypassed so its not connected to the original harness also it run smooth nothing else its affected