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  1. Affordable Rotopax mount for spare tire

    I have been trying to find an affordable way to mount some extra gas on the Jeep. So far this is my best option. If anybody has used this product or have any thoughts let me know. Thanks
  2. Cowl lights w/o sacrificing windshield?

    Hey guys, Yes, I looked upon many threads and have not seen anything as of right now. Is there a bracket that can used with cube lights below the windshield that allow it to fold down? If not I'll be ordering the $20 ace spacer mount. Also I was wondering if I can mount a small lightbar or pods...
  3. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Sold my Toyota FJ and got a JL! I’ve never driven manual so it’s taking some time to learn but by end of summer I’m driving to Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m ordering some 33s BFG ko2s and a CB Radio and plan on doing bumpers and lighting in the future. It’s a 48 month lease so I may or may not buy...
  4. Sold my 07 FJ Cruiser to lease a JL

    Hey Guys, I’m moving from South Florida to Fort Collins Colorado at the end of summer. I am selling my 2wd FJ to lease a 4 door JL. If this goes through I will be leasing a 4door sport S with a manual transmission. I come from Toyota and my FJ has been nothing but reliable and I am sceptical...