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  1. Best tailgate table?
  2. Best tailgate table?

    Not the first to ask. You you go…
  3. Best tailgate table?

    +1 for Outback Adventure. It's sturdy, quiet, easy to clean and the lower pullout nearly doubles your work space. I recently had to replace my JL and therefore my accessories moved to the new vehicle. Pulling the plastic blind nuts out was difficult and I messed many of them up. I contacted...
  4. Armorlite JL Floor System

    @Armorlite Kail Also still waiting for the 2-door. Would love to know updated timing.
  5. Whats coming in 2022?

    Well the topic is MY22 changes coming... I hope to see more in line with the Bronco as well. More bright colors, rubber floors, roof rack or factory attachment points, 35s, etc. All things I believe JL should have from the beginning. The conversation drifted to why do people buy a Rubicon...
  6. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    Thanks for the Maximus-3 tip. It's my plan B as I agree, the extra time with fasteners is the downside. I built hoists for tent and top and committed to having them both off more frequently. If Rhino drags its feet much longer with a JL Backbone then Maximus-3 might be the solution. I do...
  7. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    Now you can do both! I still think about a trailer and might just build one to carry gear and the RTT someday. The RTT on the Thule bars is a bit sketch, but it was intended to be temporary until Rhino released a JL backbone. I certainly have given it a full validation test. Once they came...
  8. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    Yes, happy to share. Pics are my previous 2-door, but I'm back in another JLR and wouldn't want a JLU for my needs. I included a pic of my solo/2person setup using no back seat. To carry a third person and leave rear seat in place, I built a platform that goes over the folded rear seat at...
  9. Armorlite JL Floor System

    @Armorlite Kail can you update us on the JL 2-door kit?
  10. Guide me here... I'm a life-long manual transmission driver & I am considering making the change to automatic only because I want the diesel! Crazy?

    I really am partial to diesel engines and the perfect set up for me would be diesel/manual/2door. One can wish. So I opted for manual and I'm actually on my second JL with 6MT. I can say this about the manual since I had a Sport and now Rubicon back to back. The 6MT transmission gearing...
  11. Rock rails with entry access for Rubicon?

    I'll second this. I have the LOD two door version. They are very heavy duty, frame mount and offer a step without protruding too much. I just moved them to my new rig from the old. Reading now about the Loctite, luckily I didn't run into this when I was swapping them. You can zoom in on the...
  12. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks. It was a beautiful evening out on the Oregon Coast. Tide going out and sun was setting just made the Nacho glow.
  13. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks! Let me figure out how to share that.
  14. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    On my second two-door now and I wouldn't trade it for a JLU or JT by any means. Yes, I have pulled out my back seat and it's great on trips with two people. However, I also have a set up I can take two kiddos camping and therefore need the back seat in place. I built a bed solution that can...
  15. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Got my new Nacho JLR. Loving the color
  16. Help with Lemon JL (Actual Lemon, not Hellayella)

    DM me if you want a name of someone in the next department you'll work with. You should already have a case number and be working with someone in required vehicles though. They should be able to guide you through.
  17. Lots of Good Reviews, those Bad Ones though....

    I just turned in my lemon buyback yesterday and already have another on order coming in next week. Sometimes there are problems with vehicles and that's what warranties are for. The fact that I bought another after having a real problem says a lot about the available alternatives. As for the...
  18. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Congratulations! That’s a fantastic two-door.