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  1. Recommended Tonneau Cover for soft top JLU

    I posted pics last year here, see the following link...
  2. Recommended Tonneau Cover for soft top JLU

    Yep, that's the one I have. I bought it before they started including the tailgate bar kit, which you don't need if you already have a soft top. Looks like it's out of stock, but you should be able to find it at other retailers if you're interested.
  3. Recommended Tonneau Cover for soft top JLU

    I have the Rampage tonneau cover. It's very similar to the Mastertop, at least in pictures. I've never been caught in the rain with it, but I'm sure it would do a pretty good job in a light rain. When installed the back is a little higher due to the design and the tailgate bar brackets...
  4. Anyone know what this color is - Tuscadero Pearl Coat ?

    Found a couple different references to PHP on Furious Fuscia Deep Plum (dark plum?) Also references Floyd color, I couldn't find any examples. Either way, not my thing, but I'm sure a few folks would love either on a Jeep
  5. GPCA cargo cover mod I have one, works great out of the box for soft top Jeeps. It requires the tailgate bar and retention brackets that are installed with the soft top. It obviously doesn't work at all with hard top on, but if you're using it when...
  6. California WTB - 8.4 Screen

    Definitely a scammer, he's posting in many WTB posts. Needs to be banned
  7. North Carolina WTB New / Lightly Used Gobi Rack for 4DR JLUR 2020

    Be careful with Mr chole up there. All the marks of a scammer, but I could be wrong
  8. Pennsylvania Exposed rack SOLD

    Pm sent
  9. Sun shade

    Looks good. What color is that, gray or titanium?
  10. Sport S stock rims with 285/70 17

    Good price, jump on it. You shouldn't have any problems.

    I'm sure the springs came off a Rubicon, but it was likely a light configuration. I had the same front springs on my JLU Sport from the factory. I purchased some Rubi takeoffs, and the front springs were 59, 60. Didn't lift the front very much. You'll want to get under your Jeep to see what...
  12. Foldable table options

    How about the Lifetime 4 ft table? I have both the 4 and 6 ft table. The 4ft is pretty portable. I also have one of those aluminum camping tables. It's pretty small, but it also packs up small.
  13. Florida Granite crystal wheels, $150

    I suppose I could ship if you pay actual shipping cost. And no offense, but the check will have to clear before I ship anything to someone with low activity here on the forum. Too many lowlife scammers around.
  14. Lug nuts the same?

    I was under the impression that JK wheels fit on JL, and vice versa. You just have to use model specific lugs. I assumed that the lug seating is the same for JK and JL wheels, while stud size/thread is different. I've seen plenty of examples of JL wheels on JK, and JK wheels on JL. Also...
  15. Can you 100% eliminate steering shimmy?

    I've been following all of the shimmy threads, figured this was a good place to add my experience. I have a JLU Sport, but added Rubicon suspension last year, and had no problems. But the suspension gave me a noticeable rake, and I found a pair of front Rubi springs with higher numbers for...
  16. Door nets recommendations?

    I feel like a weirdo when I tell my wife not to put things in the nets. And she looks at me like I'm one. I just hate the look once they stretch out permanently. Glad I'm not alone.
  17. Off-Road Campers

    Another good thread to check out...
  18. Florida Willys Black Grill for sale $175

    Nope, sold.
  19. Turbo rattle?

    The sound we had was a rattle or card in the spokes sound, and it was very loud. When my wife told me about it, I blew it off as normal turbo related sounds. Then I drove the jeep and it was obviously not a normal sound. It could be heard windows up, in any gear at a certain rpm, around 1200 or...
  20. Turbo rattle?

    Interesting. Maybe it's still there, just quiet enough where we don't hear it. When we did hear it, it was very loud. I'll drive it this weekend to see if I notice anything. Thanks.