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  1. Blank screen on backup camera?

    I sometimes have to press the button on handle 2-3 times for it to lock. My auto lock seems to work (while I am in the vehicle when it locks after 5 minutes of driving).
  2. JL audio with top off.

    Are you saying the quality is shi! because of the outside noise or the actual speakers?
  3. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    Don't carry a gun in my Jeep. If I get carjacked, they can have the Jeep if they want it that bad. It can be replaced. I tell my stubborn wife the same thing, if you get carjacked or if someone tries to snatch your purse, don't fight for it! Now we both have pistols/guns in our home (and...
  4. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    Yeah. Didn't think I said anything worth getting "deleted"...but oh well. I will stay out of these threads also.
  5. Just got home from Bronco event...

    Thanks for the clarification. I see the one on the right looks like a "true" off-road vehicle.
  6. Just got home from Bronco event...

    I have not been keeping up with the production news of the new Bronco, but I am curious. I have seen a few Broncos scattered around the city within the past few months (IMO, they look boring/bland). Are these just "base models" that have already arrived at dealerships? What is the hold-up on...
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    And look what showed up on my doorstep today after 6 weeks on back-order.
  8. Biggest mark up for a 392 so far? MSRP of 80k - Dealer price of 125k!

    What's that "AC System Refresh (pre-owned)" bullshit?
  9. Katzkin, PRP, or other seat covers?

    Katzkin all the way!
  10. Do you constantly take cell phone pics of your JL every day? Post them here!

    No issues at all. Not sure of the weight difference but I asked if I should get some type of reinforcement kit and the installer said no, the weight increase isn’t that significant.
  11. Spare Tire Cover OR Uncovered

    Didn’t know he was talking about the “sun damage” aspect of it.
  12. Spare Tire Cover OR Uncovered

    That second statement made absolutely no sense.
  13. Blank screen on backup camera?

    Just had a black screen this morning when I’m reverse. Only 2500 miles. First time this has happened but I get the missing backup lines frequently.
  14. Should I take my Sky One Touch to a Car Wash?

    In wouldn’t. But that’s just me. Even 1 drop of water inside (like the previous poster) is enough for me. Not gonna chance it.
  15. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    Have had mine up for almost a month now with no issues. We have been hit with extreme humidity (feels like over 100) for the past couple of days. I have a little sagging of the material, but nothing to render the operation of it sliding back.