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  1. Mopar dash trim - black leather with Carmel color stitching

    I just discovered that Mopar makes replacement dash trims in various colors/materials/trim. This one appears to match the 392 color combo. Interested if someone with a 392 has or will do this? I don't want to be first :)
  2. Crystal Granite 392 Build

    Do you have the link for these? I could not find them when searching. I like these specific ones.
  3. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    How do you like the floor? How is the noise level compared to carpet? Was the install straight forward, and is the fit perfect? And what about marking the floor with dirty shoes? In all the pics I see the floor is nice and clean, but I suspect with even a single step of a shoe the nice...
  4. Silver Lake Dunes Michigan Interest

    Make no mistake, it can be a dangerous place. Enjoy it, have fun, but be aware of the risks. This happens all the time (so far about 10 times this year). This year has been more dangerous due to unusual spring wind directions causing more peaks and surprise dropoffs that usually aren't there...
  5. Exhaust drone, just me?

    When it switches from 8 to 4 cylinders, it sounds funny. Plus while I don't consider it drone, on longer drives, the quieter exhaust is a nicer, more relaxing drive.
  6. 392 Take Off Prices

    I sold my tires very fast for $1500, and have seen others who have priced them at $1800 that I believe also sold. 392 specific takeoff wheel and tire combo. Mine was the BFG AT's. Not quite the same, but for my wife's 2015 JK, I bought a set of steel 10th anniversary steel takeoffs for about...
  7. Exhaust drone, just me?

    No drone here. Sky top. Not sure if that is a factor. That and also I close the performance exhaust at highway speeds.
  8. Silver Lake Dunes Michigan Interest

    Well since you mention it, these are what I do. Anything you take from this is at your own risk, your own choice. Bad things happen up there all the time, you have to own your own choices and actions. :)
  9. Silver Lake Dunes Michigan Interest

    I go up most weekends, been driving up there for about 40 years. Wave me down if you see me and want to say hi. A couple key things I do when driving on the dunes. Same for all the JK,s I drove up there from stock to modified, and now my 392. 1) Lower your tire pressure alot - like 10lbs. I...
  10. Biggest mark up for a 392 so far? MSRP of 80k - Dealer price of 125k!

    Someone did this. Ugh it's not good.
  11. JL Leather trimmed seat option - what exactly are you buying?

    LOL so funny. On my 392 I had no choice but to get leather and I hate it. Cold in winter, sweaty in summer, lose the matte finish quickly and looks cheap. Planning to get some kind of cloth seat covers and keep the original 392 leather underneath.
  12. JL Leather trimmed seat option - what exactly are you buying?

    It's a very standard practice for the OEMs to use a combination of vinyl and real leather. Generally speaking unless you get a very high end luxury car ($120k plus) or the best trim level of a near luxury vehicle, the seats and such are rarely all leather. This goes for doors, seats, floor...
  13. How do you like your 392 Jeep!?!?!?

    For sure not. Street no problem, and even minor dune running is ok. It's when I drive a little quicker that it get's to be too much. On my 2007 JK with long arm and Teraflex Speedbumps it was manageable. I intend to put King Hydro bump stops on my 392 to manage that on this one. It was just...
  14. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    Understand. All good.
  15. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    Totally agree with everything said except one thing: If no one wants to take their Jeep off road, or they don't like it dirty (I've been chastised for not driving mine in the salty winter) is a personal choice. Just because you bought a Jeep doesn't require you to take it offroad. Just as I'm...
  16. How do you like your 392 Jeep!?!?!?

    Every time I drive it the word effortless comes to mind. So easy to drive, never have to worry if I have enough power to pass or enter traffic, etc. As someone else said, driving it is a sense of occasion. Every time is special. Sounds so nice. The power at highway speeds is surprising...
  17. Gear Change for 37's on my 392

    x2. I had even higher numerical than this on my JK with 5.7 with 35's and it was so nice to have all that maximum oomph
  18. Buyer’s Remorse - 2021 JLUR

    2 door with kids is tough unless it is only a weekend vehicle or less. The 4 door has been such a good family vehicle for us with kids, for many years. You will be happy with the 4 door.
  19. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    Depends on your needs I guess. Do you need the bed or not. Personally I think the proportions are off, and the extra length would be a liability compared to the benefit. Edit: I think the best JT by far is the Mojave, due to the dune ready features.
  20. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    It's all about personal taste, what are your priorities when buying any vehicle, and I'm sure what you can afford too. Why does one person buy a Prius, and another a Jeep? Same even within Jeeps, why some people adore the soft top, but others will never take off the hard top. All about what...