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  1. WTF Jeep?

    Until this happens
  2. WTF Jeep?

    I wouldn't get into an elevator labelled Out of Order or ride on an escalator that had that sign. If there were other free charging stations in the area I may not risk it.
  3. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    I've tried, so many times, to like the design of the JT but to me, it's hideous. One of the things that always made the "truck" look off was the MIC top on many of them. The profile looked weird, to me anyway. Trucks with the matching color hardtops looked better but that still isn't enough for...
  4. Sky Touch roof......

    Are you looking for something that would allow the SOT to open / close with the roof rack installed?
  5. First time in sand. Silver Lake dunes MI

    As long as you don't have OSU stickers all over your Jeep. Then it might be a finger 😜
  6. First time in sand. Silver Lake dunes MI

    Pretty much my experience.
  7. 2022 Rubicons will come with optional 35s, beadlocks, upgraded tire carrier

    I just saw that. I hope they do offer 35s from the factory.
  8. Improvements of JL by model year?

    I was checking out a Willys thread and there were a bunch. I could have sworn they were limited to the Sahara and higher trim levels. Maybe that changed and I never saw it. Jeez, I was sure I was going with a 2 door JL but now that I know that I can get this on the Willys (which is what my '16...
  9. Improvements of JL by model year?

    Sky One Touch on a Willys? I didn't think that was possible. Build and Price doesn't show that top as an option for a Willys.
  10. Anyone know what this color is - Tuscadero Pearl Coat ?

    Not my cup of tea but at least it's not another gray.
  11. First time in sand. Silver Lake dunes MI

    Lose momentum in the wrong spot and it happens. Glad you got out without too many problems. I've definitely seen a lot of good people up there helping others.
  12. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    I don't think this top gets enough love. I have it on my JKU. I'm currently waiting / hoping for the Wrangler Mojave and will get this for it too. By the way, I noticed in the May Order Guide - "Mopar Sunrider FlipTop For Hardtop." I'm assuming it's the same thing.
  13. 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL (2-Door) ORDER GUIDE

    Anyone notice the "Mopar Sunrider FlipTop For Hardtop" when scrolling through? Sounds like the Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop. I have that on my JKU and LOVE it.
  14. JL vs JLU on value, safety, and practically

    I've owned both. I think the 2 door is great 98% of the time. Yes, the 4 door is more stable at 80mph+ but if you aren't doing emergency maneuvering at those speeds, the 2 door is fine. I went to a 4 door for my last 2 Jeeps and the next one (hopefully soon), will probably be a 2 Door. I'm...
  15. Backing Into Parking Spots: The Debate

    99.99% of the time I pull in an back out. To me, it's quicker to back out of a spot than to back into it. Most people I see backing into spots at the grocery store, Taget, a mall, etc., don't do a good job. It's crooked and they've taken 3 minutes to do it.
  16. Mojave?

    From the articles I saw it sounded like they were expecting it some time in '21. Since it's May and we haven't heard I'm hoping that we see it by the end of the year, possibly as a '22 MY. My '16 JKU is great but I've been thinking about upgrading for around a year now and would pull the...
  17. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    Keeping my fingers crossed we'll see it during the 2nd half of the year as a '22 MY.