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  1. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    I did and it worked great for me :) But dont take my word for it, Looks like I'm doing some things with my soft top that go against the manual.
  2. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    Now that I think about it... I don't know. I did it many times without a problem.
  3. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    Just remove the rear window? Do it all the time with my longboard.
  4. JLU SPORT S suspension options for a true (no more than 2in lift)?

    JLU Rubi springs and JT Rubi fox shocks. Not too high and great ride. Total price $350 plus longer mopar control arms and I can sell JLU Rubi shocks and JT Rubi springs.
  5. iPad installation for rear passenger viewing? That's what I did for iPad pro. Its too heavy for most of the other mounts.
  6. JL heated steering wheel install help.

    I did it kinda tight :) with a bit of blue locktite, as you mentioned it was not tight at all.
  7. JL heated steering wheel install help.

    Just left it dangling inside for now, the ultimate goal is to connect everything and make it work.
  8. Installing MOPAR 2" 2 door lift on 4 door

    Rubicon have heavier axles.
  9. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Rear springs are incompatible between JL and JT. Fronts will fit but not sure about the spring rate.
  10. New Rubicon yesterday. Hardtop freedom panels look unfinished inside,

    Is it some special edition interior? I thought plastic is always black.
  11. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Somebody in this thread or other mentioned, that the JL bottom bushing is a very loose fit for the JT shock, so I assumed they don't fit properly.

    The main problem is the wiring harness in the dash. Plus I thing heated seats go together with heated steering wheel, and adding heated steering wheel is even more interesting than heated seats.
  13. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    I think its safe for now, I'll change the bolts soon. Even holes in stock bushing have some play with stock bolts, I have slightly more potential play for now, and with the bolts properly torqued down there should not be any play at all unless you are jumping your Jeep.
  14. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    How do you find the right plugs and pins?
  15. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    JL bolts for now. With all the negative reviews I was not sure I'll like JT shocks, but will change to 14mm lower bolts. Actually I dont have any clicking or any other negative effects with JL bolts.
  16. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Installed gladiator rubicon shocks on my sport with rubicon springs. I had red rubicon shocks for about 20k miles and one front and one rear started leaking. So far really like new shocks, ride is way softer, but not bouncy. Not much brake dive. I reused upper bushings from red shocks. To make...
  17. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    The ones I have for exactly this purpose are 3667, both front springs are the same. did not install them yet. Right now I have 61/62 with 1" spacer to make it even with the rear.
  18. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    JT Rubicon shocks are 2 not 2,5". See 2.5 number all the time, but have the shocks in my hands right now and outer diameter is 2.2", so the piston is 2".
  19. Apex Autolynx

    What is the difference between old and new?
  20. Would I be better off with a hardtop?

    I'm curious, what is the difference between soft top is safari mode and sky one touch option? I really dont see big difference. I think soft top is way more flexible option.