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  1. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    Mine are in, along with my Dynatrac ball joints. Just waiting for my gears. Been 4 weeks and probably be a couple more until they are in.
  2. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    That sounds like a good time. Spring is a muddy mess around here. One day I plan on getting out there.
  3. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    I don't know how much money I'd be saving paying for gas all the way out there. Ha
  4. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    If you didn't live 24+ hours away from me and had 4.88 gears I would. If you had 4.88 gears I would even consider the drive.
  5. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    No RCVs. If I break an axle shaft I can tell my wife I need a whole new axle.
  6. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    I'm showing my wife this. "Look. This guy spent $30k on his jeep". Haha
  7. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    No one tons for me. Yet....... I can sell you a backup set of aluminum knuckles if you want.
  8. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    She will get over it somewhat quickly. Then when something breaks the grump will come back with a vengeance.
  9. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    Well I bought my knuckles today. I am having a shop install gears so figured while it was apart....... Will Have 4.88s, dynatrac ball joints, and the new knuckles in a couple week. I also have a grump wife now. Haha
  10. Kansas Metalcloak Front Track Bar

    I am south of Overland Park. I'm checking shipping prices tomorrow for someone. I can follow up after and let you know if it's still available.
  11. Kansas Metalcloak Front Track Bar

    I have a Metalcloak front track bar for sale. It has maybe 5000 miles on it. Nothing wrong with it. I just put all Steer Smarts stuff on the front end. Would like $125 for it.
  12. Metalcloak outboard shocks backspacing for jl

    I have the 702s with the same backspacing. I don't have a problem hitting the shock mounts but I do rub the sway bar links when I'm aired down.
  13. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    I'm not taking the upper control arms off to do the gears. Maybe if I decide to adjust my caster again I'll go for it. I mean I'll already be messing with them. At this point I might as well just go to 1 tons. That would get me new knuckles, ball joints, gears and brakes. But then I'd have to...
  14. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    Should have known better than sharing my thoughts on here. This site costs me so much money. Surprised my wife hasn't figured out how to block it. Haha On a serious note, for those who have installed theirs, how are you liking them after some time with them? Any dramatic improvements?
  15. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    I'm debating on ordering a set. I'm going to be doing gears shortly. Planning on upgrading the ball joints while it's apart and half tempted to do the knuckles too. I'm not showing signs of ball joint wear but I'm on 37s. I have all Steer smart components up front, the new steering box, and 6.8...
  16. Low Profile Sway Bar Links?

    It is when I turn the wheel.
  17. Low Profile Sway Bar Links?

    I have a Metalcloak 3.5" Gamechanger on my Rubicon. I'm running Method 702 wheels with 37x12.5 BFG KM3s. When I am aired down I am rubbing the sway bar link where it attaches to the sway bar. When I'm aired up to street pressure I have plenty of clearance. I know Metalcloak recommends 4.5" of...