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  1. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    Wow this is a thread I have never seen before....
  2. Off-roading with a manual transmission?

    Why would I want to shift? I don't. I was done with manuals years ago.
  3. Broken windshield while in dealer possession. Who replaces it?

    Easy fix. Take one of theirs for a test drive and find a dump truck. Done.
  4. Pics of 37" ko2 tires

    You don’t need them. I wouldn’t run spacers.
  5. Aluminum Bumpers Recommendations?

    I think it’s just a cheap rough country bracket. They require it, I just don’t care. Lol
  6. Doors leaking cold air

    Yeah. WTF are you going to do about it? It has 2-4 doors that come off as well as it’s top. These are the trade offs. If you want a quiet Jeep, buy a Grand Cherokee.
  7. Quadratec’s YJL Jeep Wrangler Debuts to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

    Sorry, let me rephrase...YJ's are just peices of shit....;)
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Damn that thing must be heavy..........
  9. Quadratec’s YJL Jeep Wrangler Debuts to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

    Wow, brings back memories about how much I disliked those quirky pieces of shit. That one looks pretty good. It just needs round headlights......:devil:
  10. Aluminum Bumpers Recommendations?

    Just installed the Next Venture Motorsports aluminum front bumper. I chose to keep it bare.
  11. Upset with dealership oil change

    I pour it down the drain at the dealership at night.
  12. Upset with dealership oil change

    This is the reason dealerships have such nice and shiny showrooms......people fall for this crap.
  13. Need help inside aux wires

    Mine were in there like that. I just cut the tape and started pulling. Once the tape is cut free you can see how it’s attached.
  14. Will I notice a major change in vehicle tracking with steering stabilizer?

    Definitely a bit high. Try 32-33 and see how it handles.
  15. Jeepin' the Dream IV

    We will run Holy Cross again. See you then!