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  1. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    Great thread! I did my install today and it took me about 5 hours. I probably spent an entire hour trying to get the larger plug under the seat to come apart. What a PIA! I was also getting my 14 year old involved which was great for running the cables through the dash (small hands!!!). My...
  2. Great deal on Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filters

    $15.97 in the Metro Baltimore/DC region.
  3. Say Hi! I'm "Shopper Pioneer". Focus on Jeep Wrangler Parts

    i am please saying Hi! And in need of recommanded JL boy parts. Please also comment below.
  4. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Mine is the convertible on the end. My Jeep gets an awful lot more drive time these days.
  5. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Any idea on a ballpark figure? I'm interested, but I'd have to budget that with the domestic supervisor.
  6. Window Auto up modification

    Definitely watching for this one!
  7. How well do large children fit in back seats?

    15 & 12 year old fit fine including on long trips. Plenty of space IMO.
  8. Little Help... JL experience vs. expectation

    I have a 2018 with 18k miles and nothing but happiness. No steering issues or weld problems here. It's been a fantastic rig.
  9. JL Phone Holsters (Center Console Mount)

    These look awesome! Definitely thinking I want to pick one up. Anyone using this with an iPhone XR? I run a Unicorn Beetle case and can't find the dimensions anywhere. I'd hate to buy and find out it just won't fit. Thoughts?
  10. Anyone install the Alpine PSS-23WRA factory upgrade kit?

    Price is up again. I'll be monitoring. $827 is still pricey, but much easier swallow (and hide).
  11. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Triple Jeeps at the LAX fields...
  12. GPCA Grab Handles - Great Product/Service

    The GPCA handles are the bomb! @TBULL52 recommended them to me and I love them. Certainly a bit more pricey than 550 Cord, but well worth it IMO.
  13. Lovin the Ghost

    Great looking Jeep. Welcome to your new wallet draining adventure!!!
  14. ROAM JL Bike Carrier Rear Bumper – Jeep Wrangler JL Bike Carrier

    That looks awesome! Need to put a quick video out on it when you can. Bike Rumor article which also indicates a 4 bike double folding version is in the works.
  15. Buyers remorse?

    15K on the clock since March and no regrets. My wife, who does not care one bit about cars, drives it all the time and loves it. The kids love it. The neighbor wants one now. No buyers remorse.
  16. How long can you own a Jl and still purchase lifetime warranty

    Another vote for Tom. I was on the phone for exactly 4 minutes with him today to take care of buying my MaxCare warranty. That guy is on top of his game!!! BTW, I am at 10,773 miles.
  17. Jeep Wrangler JL Stock Sound System

    I am a super novice when it comes to audio mods, so I am generally limited to being a reader and minor parts changer. I am waiting a bit to take the plunge on the amp, so I can't give any info on that. Great story on the GSD. Mine is my retired work dog, so he is very high drive. He retired...
  18. Considering a Wrangler but.....

    Couldn't agree more. I almost never use the A/C, and windows are always open. For what it's worth, this is my first Wrangler and I can't get enough. My wife couldn't give 2 sh^%'s about a car, but she hops in the Wrangler anytime she knows I'm not going to be driving it somewhere. I've got 10K...