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  1. JK vs JL Dana 44 "D44" axle shaft comparison.

    I.e. this photo is misleading. I’m glad someone else caught it too.
  2. Need your thoughts on these builds!

    Soooooooo... 1. Metal cloak has the best arms on the market. Dealt with Currie, evo, synergy, teraflex, rubicon express, pro comp, rock krawler, rough country...etc. metal cloak has the best arms because they are well manufactured and have the best joint design/function. 2. You are looking to...
  3. Strange rotating noise

    The metal dust boot on your rear axle input yoke is contacting the differential housing. Ask me how I know. Also, Jeep cares sucks. Dealer made me replace the whole yoke because it went all the way through fiat corporate, they wanted documented proof of the problem so they could write a...
  4. Jeep N3 Dual Steering Stabilizer on Rubicon?

    Fox used to offer one for the jk, but I think it was discontinued after the ats single came out.
  5. Jeep N3 Dual Steering Stabilizer on Rubicon?

    I have been very happy with bilstien, Fox, even teraflex 9550’s. Hopefully I wasn’t overly verbose in my previous explanation of steering stabilizers and I probably did not use some of the technically correct terminology but those are all of my experiences. After building, working on...
  6. Jeep N3 Dual Steering Stabilizer on Rubicon?

    I believe the problem is that the drag link hits the rough country assembly at stock height. But I may be mistaken. Before you decide to go this route try to take some time to understand how steering dampeners work and what they damage when they are designed poorly. Before going into that...
  7. heavy bumpers and springs/lifts

    A common theme I have seen on forums is people defending stuff because they own that stuff instead of being more objective and considering that there may be better stuff out there. Also, it’s not right for me to be short and pointed in a post so here goes. I own a Jeep, there are a bunch of...
  8. How do you cook out of your JL?

    It’s like $2, make the investment. Lol. I had crawfish etoufe for supper tonight. Lol. My wife is a certified coonass. I’m a city boy from Baton Rouge.
  9. heavy bumpers and springs/lifts

    Rancho has made a shitty Jeep lift for 20 years, I’m sure they managed to change that for the jl. At least they have always charged more than rough country. On a serious note you can do better than the forum sponsor would admit.
  10. How do you cook out of your JL?

    If you are out of Washington the only thing I can recommend adding to your food is flavor. It’s pretty cool. All half joking aside, it looks like you have a cool setup.
  11. Swaps - LS3 vs Hemi

    Why, in the actual hell, would you want a 707hp wrangler.
  12. Sport S sag after front bumper - help greatly appreciated

    The problem you will have with a spacer lift is that the spacers will sit on top of the coils you already have. So if you lift front and rear then you will still have droop in the front because you haven’t changed the component that is causing the droop (the lower weight rated coils). If you...
  13. Can “front” coil spring spacers be used in the rear?

    Can you? Sure. I’ve seen it done on jk’s Should you? I think the final wrap on the front vs rear springs is different so that will cause seating problems.
  14. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    I don’t know who Jeremy/American Jeeper is but I can only assume he is going through a lot right now. Experienced or not people make mistakes. I pinned my brother against the wall of my garage with a cj7 I was resto modding 4 days before his wedding when I fired it off and it was in gear. My...
  15. Piecing Together A 2.5” Lift

    7-9 years lol Soooo many lol’s, either you are marketing hard or have no idea how often your parts fail. Either Best wishes guys.
  16. In praise (or not) of ESS? **NO POLITICS**

    I’m laughing at so many parts of this right now.
  17. Aftermarket parts for DW

    Tbh, not a big fan of the track bars.
  18. Aftermarket parts for DW

    You won’t see me argue about whether steer smarts is overpriced or not, they probably are. I’ve just seen it do the job. Rancho has just seemed to be superb at coming in under the radar of quality for the last 40 years worth of models. They may have suddenly turned it around though and that...
  19. Aftermarket parts for DW

    You could flush money down the toilet too. Oem stuff uses non serviceable tie rod ends and ball joints to make up the majority of the working parts in your steering. Instead of using metal on metal and grease it is common to se metal on metal with a non serviceable plastic sleeve. The plastic...
  20. How can people afford all the vehicles they list in their profile?

    There’s this ^^^^ There are also a lot of people that make really good money. A wrangler is still widely considered a “luxury” or discretionary purchase. So people that can afford a 50k rubicon as a third vehicle probably have some cash to throw around.