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  1. Best plan for 35" tires with minimal loss of daily driver usability?

    rubicon the spacer didn’t but the d-ply ridge grappler tires I had did, when I had my jeep bought back by Stella it’s, for a week I put the d ply ko2 37 tires I run now either spacer lift and it rose really nicely, I will saymy rock krawler 2.5” lift rides much much better but also cost much...
  2. Anyone ordered a Jeep Wrangler in the last two months from the factory? How long did it take before you got your jeep?

    Order 2/24 shipped 3/24 and by the way shipping takes a bit like 3weeks… so to be more accurate I was 7 weeks order to delivery
  3. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    meow 64lbs kind of makes me wish I waited
  4. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    everything is delayed and I’m shortage because of covid..
  5. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    FYI I am super happy with my d ply and when I am out in the California dessert with all the rocks the thicker sidewallakes me feel a bit better and on road they are a dream
  6. SL - Standard Load Nitto Terra Grapplers OK?

    i had e ridge grapplersand they were like rocks don’t do it, I am running d now and would of gotten c if I had been able to get them in the size tire I run , but tire shortage limited my options
  7. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    ya when i emailed them about buying the step.. they were like we don't know when we will have some to ship again.. we have a waiting list.. that was like 6 month ago.. I like the look of the VKS might have to check those out
  8. 37” BFG Ko2 AT vs 37” Nitto trail grappler mt

    by the way if anyone cares.. the K02 drive a million times better, and feel much better breaking.. but the 37 rotationally still slow the jeep down a bit, and 8th gear is rare.. but still drives better than the 35" heavy grapplers, and certainly happy enough with it to not both re-gearing.
  9. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    you sure about that if you love the mojito better won’t you always look at the other one and think mojito is better, and take some of the fun out.. maybe go another direction so they aren’t fighting over who is the favorite
  10. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    Mojito was so much better
  11. New parts changing my mind

    my rock krawler 2.5” lift with fix shock rides better than it did stock, but the 37s slowed it down a bit… I think the big thing is that people get carried away with achieving a look.. and don’t even know what the costs are on performance… and it’s hard to really know what products to buy.. and...
  12. New parts changing my mind

    I am in my third wrangler build and agree, go slow and think about what you really want and what it cost you both cash and performance
  13. Who folds their back seats down, and why?

    Camping with my buddies San kids… or lugging home big purchases happen 2-3 times a year..
  14. Purpose of ordering the Steel Bumper Group?

    I got stuck in sand last weekend, and tied my buddies winch to it and was able to rotate the vehicle to get a better angle to exit the sand.. plastic bumper would of ripped off.. Also if you want LED lights in the back, you have to get the steel bumper.. and the plastic one looks like trash...
  15. I laughed at all the 392 buyers! 😥 what a dummy.

    After dealer discount I got my v6 for like 53k and it pretty much a loaded rubicon. No way in the world you can possibly justify to me a 20k markup for a v8. As much as I would like the extra torque with my 37s it’s just not reasonable.
  16. New Bronco on display at Costco

    pics or it didn't happen lol
  17. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    I had to google what that was, and I think you should consider checking out the granola of the month club.. seems like it might be up your alley :)
  18. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    69 bronco will forever be my dream car
  19. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    there you go 50% are people jumping ship