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  1. Suggestion for slimmest roof rack

    Can you get the freedom panels out with that rack?
  2. Is there a JL truck conversion out there yet?

    I would settle for a kit similar to the JK8, or even the DV8 kit.
  3. Thinking about trading my 3.6 for the Diesel. Extra maintenance steps and costs?

    I really liked my WK2 GC diesel. I lifted it and 33s (275 18). I can’t remember 70 or 75 series tires. I had 1 1/2 inch wheel spacers and JK Sahara wheels. 17s would not fit over the brakes. I hammered the pinch weld to avoid rubbing. Traded the GC with about 90k flawless miles. Only...
  4. Thinking about trading my 3.6 for the Diesel. Extra maintenance steps and costs?

    Regens are mostly unnoticeable. Def seemed to be more frequent in the first 6000 miles. Don’t know if it is breaking in or learning, but I don’t have to put much in now. Fuel usually cost more than 87, sometimes less. But I can get 30mpg on 37s highway. Keeping the speed low of course...
  5. Thinking about trading my 3.6 for the Diesel. Extra maintenance steps and costs?

    I’m still in the Jeep wave oil changes so I’m not sure how much that cost. But you need to change the fuel filter and add DEF. that’s pretty much all the extra maintenance. DEF is cheap. Fuel filters are still expensive but the aftermarket will hopefully fix that. I still haven’t found an...
  6. Census: What engine is in your JL?

    Love my oil burning 3.0 beast.
  7. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    We just did this in my JLURD. Comfortable enough, a little noisy with the soft top and absolutely fun.
  8. Differential oil change

    I watched a YouTube video awhile back about oil filters. The guy cut apart several new filters from different brands. I was surprised by the results. Wix had the most filter material and fram had the least. But the big surprise was the rust in the new fram filter And how the filter material...
  9. Am I a good candidate for an ecodiesel?

    I did that with my previous toy. A 2015 Z28 with the LS7-427. Two years and 3000 miles. I only drove it to car shows. I was constantly scared that I was going to hurt it. I sold it and got my JLURD. Now, I'm going to drive my toy when I want to drive my toy. I decided that the joy of...
  10. Am I a good candidate for an ecodiesel?

    I drive mine mostly on the weekend and trips. The JLURD does great. Occasionally I will notice when a regen is happening. Although, not often. The overall mileage is much better than the gas Wranglers. Sometimes the cost of Diesel is real close or even cheaper than 87. Sometimes not. A...
  11. 2018 JL Wrangler Engine Bearing Failure

    Did OPs Jeep have ESS and use it a lot?
  12. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    I really really really want both. Sort of. A JL 8 package would be perfect. Two doors and a pickup bed. The JT screwed that up. No companies will invest in conversion when there is a pickup already out.
  13. Buyer’s Remorse - 2021 JLUR

    Um, what’s wrong with a sting grey unlimited?
  14. Pick 3. Which 2021 colors would you VOTE off the island for 2022?

    Get rid of Chief blue which is too dang powder puff, hydro blue (nana blue), orange, and yellow. Not into the skittle colors. I don’t care for a blue vehicle either but I did like the dark blue (ocean?).
  15. Seat Cover Suggestions?

    Lol. Swamp ass. Been there done that. I won’t have another set of neoprene seat covers.
  16. 4xe vs Ecodiesel... Help me decide!

    So you are saying the bad reputations were spread by people reading reports. My experience is that it was a great engine. I won’t say that about the Mercedes 3.0 diesel in the 2007 Grand Cherokee. It was less than perfect.
  17. What is this seafoam green-ish color?

    I’m pretty sure that’s baby panda poop green. 😁
  18. Differential covers

    Next step is to get the potting goop to do Shawns (ChevyMitchell) trick on the locker sensor.
  19. 4xe vs Ecodiesel... Help me decide!

    I had a Gen 2 in a WK2 Grand Cherokee. It was great. I put 90K+ on it without any issues. I wonder if the bad reputations are spread by people that never owned one.