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  1. How did you decide on your engine?

    What’s interesting is back in 18 when I got my 3.6, I considered the 2.0 but it was $1000 more. Fast forward 3 years and it’s swapped now with the 2.0 costing less!
  2. Mopar/OEM Parts Diagrams?

    What about the cargo trim piece above the jack, the one that holds all the bolts when not in use? I can’t find it anywhere!
  3. Plastic cover plate for jack/tire iron not snapping in correctly.

    Revisiting this as mine is broken as well and I can’t find a part number
  4. Did they really do anything ?

    I was wondering the same. Never had issues with my wave oil changes and tire rotations, but not sure what I’m looking at in this picture?
  5. Alignment for JLU Rubicon

    My steering wheel was slightly to the right, so I centered it in my garage in about 30 minutes using basic tools. Have you tried that?
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Fox stabilizer and Synergy trackbar
  7. Illinois WTS Sahara stock suspension parts

    $50 OBO Shocks Springs Front LCA’s Track bar Steering stabilizer Western burbs, willing to meet, photos available.
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally got around to purchasing a cordless impact and swapped out my steering stabilizer and track bar. What a difference! I mean using an impact as well as the ride...
  9. Mopar Performance Rock Rails

    I swapped out my plastic Sahara steps for these, found some Moab takeoffs. Loved the look and used the steps myself, however the wife and 3yo daughter couldn’t actually use the steps so I sold them and went with the Mopar tube steps.
  10. What happens when my Wrangler gets soaked?

    We had the soft top in Safari mode once but the doors were off, got caught in a storm while on the highway and had water everywhere. My young daughter is caught on video saying “it’s raining in my car!” Took it home, used a towel to dry what I could, pulled the all season floor mats and set up a...
  11. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    Does it still count if I sold my Sahara stock wheels and tires and put on Moab stock wheels with Rubi stock tires?!
  12. Wheel Torque Specifications JL/JLU

    This thread is cracking me up! I’ve always done my lugs the same way since my dad taught me as a child... never had a problem. star pattern, start with your hands then finish by stepping down with your foot. Or in the reverse to remove, talk about true foot pounds! Just double checked and mine...
  13. Help with getting a fair deal on a Moab

    I get that the market is hot and Wranglers hold value, but that price seems crazy! Don’t get me wrong the Moab is a great special edition... Just get a new Rubi imo!
  14. Changing out the grill inserts and fog light bezels

    i literally did the same thing!
  15. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    I just did my first oil change and 5 tire rotation myself, in my garage. Had done the 4 free Jeep wave ones at the dealership and had been looking forward to this for some time, 3.6 17k miles. Previously had done both front and read diffs plus transfer case fluids as well, so this was a cake walk.
  16. Changing out the grill inserts and fog light bezels

    looks much, much better IMO!
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Did my first oil change and 5 tire rotation in my garage, got to be the easiest I’ve done on any vehicle!