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  1. 19-031 JL Instrument Panel Cluster Software Update

    Seems to have corrected an observed problem with fuel milage calculations on my 2019
  2. possessed automatic night / day mode

    Snappy reply fot a dullard Bet you're a blast at fiestas. We're you even alive in 1987?
  3. Any reports of issues with steering in the 2019s?

    You might look underneath. I found this last week but had it removed
  4. possessed automatic night / day mode

    Fiat has owned Chrysler Jeep since 1987. Your point is stupid.
  5. RVIbrake3 Probs-700 miles from home

    I prefer permanently mounted systems like my Brake Buddy Stealth system. I've had 2 with no issues. Good luck. Let us know how it ends
  6. Audio Controls Behind Steering Wheel

    No. If you change any preset up or down 1 the center will take you to Preset 1.
  7. So, this is puzzling me..

    Of course it won't charge as fast as the Fast Charger will. But it's no slower than any USB. I use Fast Charging with Anker or Samsung induction chargers at home and in my motorhome. I can deal with standard charging rates in my Jeep. I'm not sure but I believe the fast wired chargers use...
  8. So, this is puzzling me..

    My Samsung 8 9 and 10 all charge just fine. I use the center console usb mostly
  9. Android Auto Wireless to UConnect Systems

    I plug my phone in. It's really not that challenging. And it charges too!
  10. Who using BlueOx to tow JLR and what did you do with the lights.

    Rockhard 4x4 aluminum Patriot bumper and winch with Blue Ox tow bar. Brake Buddy Stealth supplemental braking system and Cooltech lighting kit. Works great
  11. CB radio SWR with different length antennas

    You tune the antennas not the radio so if done correctly any tuned antenna will work. I have quick disconnects and Springs on mine and use a 4' firestick and a 102" whip. Both good SWR and functional
  12. Dual cigarette outelt adapter that actually works with a lighter.

    I'm talking about thebones the put in our vehicles here in the 21st century. They are not CIGARETTE LIGHTERS and won't support one monster what. The Re not wired or fused to carry the long heavy inductive load of a flat wound coil heater. Wire one directly to the battery
  13. Dual cigarette outelt adapter that actually works with a lighter.

    Most 12v power outlets will not support an electric cigarette lighter.
  14. Hurrican Dorian vs "Jeep"

    Still praying for Alabama
  15. Need Advice: What Relay?

    I'm thinking of something similar but I want to flip them under the bar
  16. Should I Flat Tow my JL from MS to MT?

    Car haulers create their own issues and would probably exceed the 5000 pound tow rating of most motorhomes you'd rent not to mention the additional CVGW and tongue weight.
  17. Should I Flat Tow my JL from MS to MT?

    Cost could be up to $5000 depending.