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  1. NE Weather @#$%^

    Same out here in the midwest (Chicago specifically), feel like the cold-ish weather is really dragging on! Want to get the top down!
  2. Washington AEV Bumpers

    Envious of whoever gets these bad boys!
  3. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    So I have a two door and late last year went out to Utah and rented a Gladiator with rooftop tent etc. I loved it! So much fun and at some point wouldn't mind owning a Gladiator. But I still loved getting back to my 2 door. One of the main reasons is actually just how quick the little 2 door...
  4. Half Doors - Who is gonna be 1st!?

    Does anyone know if you can order these doors at your dealership? Or can you only get them when you buy a new wrangler right now? And if you have, can you use the mopar 15% discount code that is always available? Was thinking that could bring the 2 door cost down into something vaguely...
  5. Illinois WTB Rubicon Steel Front Bumper

    Looking to get hold of a Rubicon steel front bumper in IL/Chicago or southern WI & MI.
  6. Best way to carry a surfboard with soft top?

    Might these be suitable? It's something I have been interested in but can't find a ton of people that use them. From what I understand you would need to use them with the top down which may or may not be a problem...
  7. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Thanks man, yeah definitely going to order these. Only thing that makes me suspicious is they said one of the parts came in but they then "found an issue with the rail itself" and apparently waiting for that part, whatever that is. On the plus side, I am quite excited to get it back its...
  8. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    As a warning to others that may experience this, I am going on week FIVE of my Jeep being at the dealer waiting for some elusive part that is on back order. Think I may buy whatever parts and just keep them for the inevitable next time. They have loaned me a Grand Cherokee but really just...
  9. Illinois WTB Sting Gray Rubicon Fenders

    Looking for a set of Sting Gray Rubi fenders if anyone has them around Chicago?
  10. Driving my Jeep makes me arrogant

    Haha yeah I am in Chicago as well but my Wrangler's seat broke a few weeks ago and its been in the shop since. Driving a Grand Cherokee the last few weeks has made me appreciate my own jeep just so much more. Can not wait to get it back!
  11. 2" lift with 33s - was your 2" lift actually a 2" lift?

    Yeah so I went through a similar thing and ended up with 33’s KO2’s and a 1.5” teraflex kit
  12. Quadratec’s YJL Jeep Wrangler Debuts to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

    Also I would love to be able to swap out the seats. Thought that wasn't possible because of the airbags? Assume as this is just a one off they got around/disabled that?
  13. Quadratec’s YJL Jeep Wrangler Debuts to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

    Really interesting idea from Quadratec for those that are interested - as someone who works in marketing, also a pretty clever content idea that will most likely get a ton of attention! Writeup by Quadratec's one-off YJL is a square-eyed tribute to the original Jeep...
  14. Drivers side seat won’t fold back

    Wow, yeah so the seat thing happened to me as well. Yesterday was getting something out the back and then the seat just wouldn't go back in place/fold back. Found the broken little plastic pieces. Then had to remove the headrest and shoehorn myself into the seat and drive the 10 mins back to my...
  15. Wrangler RHD...?

    Wow ok that is all very interesting. I had no idea! I am from the west coast of Scotland so when I saw it I just thought it was an error pulling something through from the UK site or something like that. But there we go. Every day is a school day!
  16. Wrangler RHD...?

    Know it will just be an error in their build platform but if anyone wants a right hand drive wrangler... now is your chance! :)
  17. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    Yup, just got mine 🥴 Well the excitement was fun while it lasted
  18. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    Oh wow, yeah so looks like the 37’s and maybe 40’s are also in there at the $9 price??
  19. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    Worth a try! Just ordered 5.
  20. CHIEF Blue Wrangler JL Club

    Yeah it looks real nice! Little out of my price range but lucky for someone! Although the one thing I wish jeep would consider is changing both the red outline around Rubicon and the dash based on the exterior color. The bright blue AND bright red is a bit much.