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  1. 15 inch rims on JL Sport

    from what I've read 16s will fit, the studs are 14mm on JL and 1/2 on JK but then again the JL stock lug nuts may not properly sink into the R16 stud hole
  2. 15 inch rims on JL Sport

    Right now I do not aim for extra lift but I surely woul'd like to install beefier tires on the Jeep . Is there a way I could fit 15 inch rims with this tire in my JL? One has to consider the studs on JL are now different size too. 1/2 in. x 20 (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK) 14mm x 1.50 (18-19 Jeep...
  3. so here is the ticking engine of brand new Wrangler JL

    just like mine , I don't like it but learned to live with it
  4. Earth Day

    Do we have any idea how many mopar clutches have completely failed of the 19/20 JLs ? I can still smell mine when I gently floor it but not as noticeable as in the beginning , now it's just waiting time before I get called by the dealer to complete the second clutch recall , I keep checking...
  5. Earth Day

    I hear Earth Day is really a big deal in China and India .
  6. The future of the Wrangler Jeep

    I have a very strong feeling the entire cosmic clockwork is creation of extremely precise design and no one not even the electric rider Elon have a clue when the Carrington situation will occur again , specialy electrical cars wil be extra vulnerable to such electromagnetic blast from the...
  7. Jeeps and dogs

    for some reason the little guy doesn't look happy at all
  8. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    Yes at times I did , more in the beginning than now but as my wrangler riding time goes by I as well feel certain type of new addiction and so I ask whether this is a positive change in my life. I was told all addictions are bad and isn't it true one can get screwed up by love too ? And if...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    this morning I missed a gear and pressed the gas and the needle went up quick ... I felt the rush of adrenaline hit me , the motor was still cold as block of ice after very cold night .. but than I think these new synthetic oils are supposedly to be exceptionally great during low temp...
  10. Storing freedom tops

    it seems to me lately that just about everybody is hiding their freedom tops
  11. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    the way things are going soon one will be carrying only vaccination passport
  12. I must be getting old...

    I remember few years back driving one evening through downtown Casper Wy and I don't think anybody in that town turned on their headlights. I have to say I found it almost comical but then again the traffic flow wasn't as heavy as Toronto.
  13. Should I build a Wrangler or hold out for the right used JL? Should I even BUY a Wrangler?

    Well, that's in a way like asking someone whether one should stay single or would marriage solve all the life's problems.You know even people with severe case of diabetes take a bite out of a chocolate bar time to time knowing well how harmful it probably is to their health. I would say go for...
  14. Highest mileage JL so far?

    Today I filled up again with regular because the 20% higher cost for premium wouldn't make the Jeep 20% less thirsty. I did reset the fuel economy gage and drove like an old lady for couple of days and I noticed the fuel economy improved by about 10 % to 15 %.. In the summer I am generally at...
  15. Highest mileage JL so far?

    I am about 14L/100km - 16.8 gal - but I drive a short distance to work and no hwy , I am going to experiment and fill up with premium gas and I am sure the mileage will improve but then again overall fuel cost may be still better with regular gas
  16. I wonder how much damage would sustain Jeep's suspension today ?

    those days most of things were built like a tank
  17. steering damper replacement

    thanks , all of your recommendations make lots of sense , thanks again
  18. steering damper replacement

    thanks for your advice Roanie , I will see how it rides after they replace the damper and I may end up doing what you are suggesting, thanks again
  19. steering damper replacement

    So there is some chance that it will go away and that's better than nothing.