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  1. Need HELP with out of state purchase.

    Koons is one I have heard of, I haven't given them a call yet to talk. Remember your sales person?
  2. Need HELP with out of state purchase.

    Hey everyone, My lease is up in september in my 2018 JLU Punkn Sport S The buyout is 26,970 i think, I have to double check While I do love it, I would rather a 2dr. Priced a 2dr sport auto/2.0 tint, tow and AC packages, and every NJ dealer will only take $500 off MSRP. I am not paying 35k for a...
  3. Lowered Gladiator

    IDK, why waste so much money to drive a Rubicon Recon and never go off road, or take the top and doors off? To me the guy that bought a fully loaded Recon and never will go off road or topless/ doorless looks stupider to me than the guy that makes his Jeep Unique. Cool Rat Rod look
  4. Want to buy a Wrangler.

    Stay away from 07-10s. Either drop it down to a TJ 98-06, or go up to 2012. When looking, look for rust, leaks, undercarriage damage from off road. Go through the transfer case if you test drive ( yes take it offroad) If seller wont let you, then that's a no deal for me. Test drive it for...
  5. D60 owners - How??

    This is what I do, there are some 0% for 12-18 months, but you need good credit to get them. most even give you $200 if you spend $500 in the first billing cycle. I will never buy anything any other way. Need to spend over $1000?, get a 0% CC with good cashback and a money bonus for using it...
  6. Am I the odd person out for wanting/preferring a soft top?

    Nope, your a real Jeeper. Posers have Hard tops and sky one touch tops. I'm just kidding, their not posers lol I will personally never understand paying extra for a top you can't take off at will, on a Jeep. Your never topless, and your never off road...why exactly did you buy a Jeep?
  7. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    Welcome to NJ...Fuck you. Go out of state, I think there is 1 in south jersey that didn't suck pond scum through a straw when I get my 18. Honestly, we should boycott NJ dealerships IMO, pure trash in the service dept and dicks and bitches selling the vehicles.
  8. Jeep Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    If they are willing to add the HEMI, it should be an upgrade package for everything from sport up. Locking it into a Rubicon so they can sell it for 80k+ is trash. sure, have the Rubicon as the Flagship poster Jeep for the 392 392 package. HEMI Hood Red leather optional Wide D44s, locked, open...
  9. Jeep Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    It's just a concept. They are letting you know that if you want a 392 in your wrangler it is possible. They will never sell you one from the factory. Plus, if you can afford a 80k wrangler, you can afford to have someone do the swap. Stop waiting for jeep to make it if you really want it. Sure...
  10. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Make ANY option available on ANY trim lvl. The 392? available even if you buy a god damn base sport. 8" ucon and alpine available on ANY trim lvl Lockers, 44s, narrow and wide. Stop tying your options to trim lvls Why on gods green earth cant I buy a 2021 willy with front and rear lockers and...
  11. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    IDK, but I think when my JLU lease is up, this is going to give me a HUGE advantage if I decide to haggle for my 2dr willy. I don't play for any team. I like both the JL and the new 2dr Bronco Competitive options are good for us, maybe dealers will be more willing to go 8% under invoice if...
  12. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    It is going to be a very thought out decision when my JLU lease is up in sept 2021. Can I put 33s on it without lifting like I can a JL? MPG Transmission issues? I will begin my research. I leased a 4dr because I needed 4drs in 2018 and I love top down doors off driving. I have always liked the...
  13. 3.6 - For Those Running Premium Fuel

    If you see a difference then use premium. Don't post about it on a forum, because well, you see. Someone can find an article from someone that says blah blah blah premium does nothing when it says you can use 87. Maybe it is because it is july and all the planets are lined up. I would believe...
  14. Do I need a matching spare?

    Buy 5 and do a 5 tire rotation, your tires will last a bit longer. I am personally not a fan of the tire delete route. and a jeep with 4 35s on the axles and a 32 on the tailgate is cringy to me, I would do the delete if I couldn't get a 5th to match
  15. likelihood of broken front body bolt?

    I didn't break any either, front 2 bolts were a MFer though. Those 6 bolts wooped my arse lol. Just don't use air tools to take them off
  16. Punk'n vs Bikini

    PUNK'N ALL DAY. Bikini is a nice color in some light, but can look weird in other light. my opinion. PUNK'N looks freaking great in every light. I went in for Ocean Blue and quickly changed my mind when I saw PUNK'N in person, when I bought it it was shining in a most beautiful orange sunset, I...
  17. Hertz liquidating JL Wranglers - Are these a good deal?

    Don't buy shite from Hertz. They payed out 12 million dollars in bonuses before filing bankruptcy. Plus there are no deals there that you cant get from a dealer on a new one that jack shitstain hasn't driven like its a porshe.
  18. Funny Wife Thing.

    Wives that don't let their husbands buy a jeep turn into single women. Men that listen to their unreasonable wives turn into grumpy aholes. I can make my own decisions mom....happy wife happy life my asssssssss. I called my wife from the dealer and said I am looking at jeeps, I will be home a...
  19. Jonesing in NY..!

    Yeah, the cold is getting old...LET'S BRING BACK SUMMER!!
  20. Installed: 37s with NO LIFT on JLUR

    I like those wheels on the Sting Grey, really ties all the red together.