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  1. Billet Silver - Gone

    Couldn't have said it better myself!!!
  2. Right Hand Drive JL / JLU Mods

    Not sure the mods us RH Drivers do are all that different to the LHDs (apart from us having to pay three times as much!!)
  3. Car Play Stopped Working 21 JLU

    I'm on 14.5.1 no issues at all with Carplay
  4. Bestop Sunrider

    My passenger side clamp (I'm in the UK so I'm the other way round!) is looser than the drivers side. I'm always tempted to adjust but there are absolutely no leaks even in the driving rain so I'm going to leave them well alone!
  5. Billet Silver - Gone

    That's great news - never had a classic before 😂
  6. Bestop Sunrider Review

    Correct. I had to completely remove the Mopar grab handles as the sunrider frame wouldn't sit properly on the Jeep. I think for a 100% guaranteed seal you'd have to lose grab handles of any kind....
  7. Jeep loving reptiles!

    My pet chameleon George just love to stare 😂 Any other unusual jeep pets around?
  8. Bestop Sunrider Review

    Installed mine yesterday. I was worried about how the black would contrast with my billet silver but all in all I think it looks OK! The worst part of the install as mentioned are the Z clips. They're fiddly little fekkers but once they're in they seem to stay in fine without tape. I used the...
  9. Suntek Ultra-Matte PPF on Sarge Green + Green protective rings + Red Removal on JLR

    That green looks so much matter with a satin finish. Jeep looks great!
  10. Has anyone bought a Jeep Wrangler ride on toy for their kids? Do you recommend?

    My boy loves his JL and so does everyone who sees him driving it!
  11. Is it possible to love your Jeep too much?

    I do but it's much harder now!
  12. Is it possible to love your Jeep too much?

    Just sitting in the Jeep on a beautiful spring Monday morning thinking about how much I love my Jeep! Nearly 18 months into ownership and I just can't wait to get into the thing every day. It makes me grin and makes me happy. I love looking at it, driving it, cleaning it and love the way other...
  13. Front bumpers that accept OEM LED fog lights without modification?

    Sure - here you go! Not much to say other than install was relatively simple. No winch installed as yet. Mine is the full width version with overrider bar.
  14. CarlinKit 2.0 Reviews?

    Exactly the same issue with mine. Great in principle but annoying after a while. Sent it back to Amazon in the end!
  15. Front bumpers that accept OEM LED fog lights without modification?

    Rugged Ridge Venator on mine with OEM fog lights from plastic bumper.
  16. Carlinkkit 2.0

    I used it but finally got fed up of it not connecting automatically every time so back to Amazon it went!