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  1. Uconnect "Favorites" function just STOPPED working. Help!

    Same issues here. Do you have this one too? If you are using Android Auto and receive a text message, do you hear a notification sound, a beep? I used to, no longer though.
  2. Uconnect will not display favorites even though starred favorites are currently on air.

    Glad I came here and are the bugs that I have been experiencing for many months... 1. Random reboots. Sometimes a blue screen before a reboot, sometimes all of the controls just freeze and then it reboots. 2. Backup lines not showing up until the ignition is cycled, sometimes...
  3. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Those aren't King coilovers?
  4. Steering Box flexing when turning the wheel

    Yeah, it all depends on what you are planning to do long term. I put the Synergy bracket in and later went with the PSC Big Bore Hydro Assist steering kit, still have the bracket, but the steering box shaft won't fit. :LOL:
  5. Steering Box flexing when turning the wheel

    You aren't wrong. If you are planning on keeping it stock, then I would take it to the dealer to complain and have them address the issue. If you plan on putting bigger tires on at some point, then this will take care of the issue now and as well as when you put bigger tires on.
  6. Steering Box flexing when turning the wheel

    This will fix it.
  7. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Compare them when they are both on 35's.
  8. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    My .02 I am impressed with the new Bronco for what it is. If you are interested in doing difficult off-roading I think the Wrangler platform is clearly the way to go with the solid front axle. I don't see being able to go beyond 35 inch tires with the Bronco without major mods and I mean...
  9. Crashed JLU Rubicon Ocean Blue - advice needed auto body repair

    I agree, we had a Honda minivan that looked way better than this and the airbags deployed and they totaled. it.
  10. Crashed JLU Rubicon Ocean Blue - advice needed auto body repair

    I am almost certain they will total it and you will get a new Jeep.
  11. Rubicon Rubicon Tires - Phoenix Metro Area

    They are at the shop that put my lift on. Any pictures of Rubi shocks/springs and standard tires would show what they look like.
  12. Rubicon Take Offs - Phoenix, AZ Area

    I am in Gilbert, but we can coordinate a pick-up anywhere in the Valley. 4 Rubicon Shocks 5 BFG AT Tires - 9300 miles on 4, 0 on the 5th, with TPMS 4 Rubicon Springs 1 Track Bar $1000 OBO PM me if interested.
  13. EVO MFG suspension on the way!

    Yes, I got the long arm kit. I ordered the front bump stops but the rear haven't been released by King yet. Front's are back ordered. I didn't have a choice on the springs and valving.
  14. Excited to be here! If you have questions, we have answers!

    Matt, Any forum discount code? Also, I am interested in the front diff glide plate for my 2018 Rubicon JL. Will the JK plate work or do I need a JL specific version due to the new diff covers with the new axles? I know Wayolife has one, but I want to make sure I order the right one. Please...
  15. EVO MFG suspension on the way!

    Just got mine installed.

    Well, it is granite under the wrap! Next comes Metacloak belly skids and a re-gear.
  17. JLWF Photograph of the Month Contest - November 2018

    Finally got the Evo lift! I have been waiting for 6 months! JCR crusader sliders, JCR rear bumper with tire carrier, Gray Wrap, 37 inch Cooper tires, Magnaflow exhaust.
  18. Rubicon Rubicon Tires - Phoenix Metro Area

    Set of 5 standard Rubicon wheels for sale with lugs. 9300 miles on 4 tires, 0 miles on the spare. Phoenix Metro Area $1100 OBO, PM me if interested. TPMS included. I will also throw in the Rubicon Shocks, Springs and Track Bar.