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  1. CPCA cargo cover?

  2. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    Onyx is the same as Jeep's Crystal Granite color.
  3. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    No because I have a truck.
  4. Why did you choose that color? w/pics

    I initally went to buy a Mojito or Ocean Blue. Once I saw the Mojito, i decided it was not a long term color for me. I liked the Ocean Blue. Before we even went to the dealer, my wife was saying how much she liked Sting Gray. Once we looked at all the colors on the lot, Sting Gray it was. 2...
  5. Rubicon Lift W/ Stock Size Tires

    Nothing at all and no noticable ride change. Not obvious in looks, but I could tell that "something" changed the first few times getting into it. I joke that I put on the World's Smallest Lift Kit. A fellow 4x4 club member and I, both with JLURs, the nain difference being his is a hard top...
  6. Custom wheels. Spare wheel lock/key?.

    Specifically says for Steel spare. Maybe the thickness of the steel wheel vs aluminum and the length of the stud on the carrier? If it snugs the wheel up and doesnt bottom out the locking lug on the stud, I'd run it. I've used these on srock Rubicon and AEV Borah wheels
  7. Rubicon Lift W/ Stock Size Tires

    I'm thinking it'll look like you skipped leg day. This is my Rubicon with a 3/4" lift and stock 285s but wider wheels with less positive offset. I'm more than ready to go to 35s.
  8. "FLEX"/Articulation pictures?

    Put mine up on the ramp at the Mud4Blood blood drive again this year. Kind of surprised that my JLUR with only a 3/4" spacer lift and different wheels went 69.5" up a 30° ramp vs a bone stock JLUR right behind me getting 65" up.
  9. AEV Salta vs Borah on White JLU Sahara

    I was spotted!!! Hahaha. Yep. Thursday night 1/2 price margaritas.
  10. AEV Salta vs Borah on White JLU Sahara

    I like the Borahs but not without the ring. They just look like something ias missing without it.
  11. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    I liked the look of my OEM Rubicon wheels. I tried running spacers but felt it made my steering feel different. If the Quadratec knockoffs had been avaiable when I was buying I would have considered them. I really wanted a removable rash ring and went with AEV Borahs instead.
  12. Daystar Leveling kit review

    I did not use the longer LCAs. Just reused the ones I had. The spacers went on top of the isolaters per the instructions that came with the kit. 3.6 v6 with Auto transmision. Not the e-Torque. Mine is a factory soft top with steel bumpers. With the winch, its slightly lower in the front...
  13. Wheels with removable rash rings

    Here's my Onyx AEV Borah wheels with the Rash Ring painted in Rustolium Regal Red.
  14. When I'm not "Jeeping" I'm...

    Another one Riding.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I've been wishy washy about the color on my rash rings. First Onyx, then Rustoleum Plasti-dipped red, then Onyx and now painted Regal Red. I like how it turned out. Close to the red on the Rubicon sticker and Jeep Badges. I also swapped out the original hex bolts for allen button head style...
  16. Show me tires sticking out 1" from the fender

    AEV Borah wheels 17x8.5 with +25 offset.
  17. Door nets recommendations?

    I've got one spot wearing in my interior. Passenger side door opening plastic. Constantly dirty and scratched where my wife drags her feet on it.
  18. 'em

    Ozzy our 11yo Siberian Husky