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  1. Looking for recommendations for a quality hydraulic floor jack

    I have the same one, and had a coupon for $30 off (used that money for some beers)! It works great.
  2. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    From a colder time this year.
  3. What do I need to know before putting a JL Rubicon Suspension on my JL Sport S.

    Check here: All of your questions should be answered.
  4. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    Hmmm... I get about 20.1 mpg in my Willys (3.6). So, calculating the difference between your Willys mpg and my Willys (12/20 = 0.6) and holding driving characteristics even, you should be able to hit somewhere around 39.68 mpg (24.8*0.6=14.88+24.8=39.68).
  5. 2021 closeouts must be happening

    We just traded our 2018 Outback w/65k miles for $3000 over KBB, with a major oil consumption issue (the dealer knew about the oil issues because they have serviced it since it was purchased). The problem was that we had to pay MSRP for a 2021 Ascent. So what we gained in our trade, we lost in...
  6. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    Yup, that is the exact same setup I did on my JLW with the same tools. Just make sure that you have a good impact wrench (not needed, but makes the install much easier) or a breaker bar, and a torque wrench that get the LCA's to to spec. Other than that, it was much easier than I thought it...
  7. 6-speed feels strange in third gear, would this be a bad throw out bearing?

    I definitely do not have that problem with my 6-speed. Total shot in the dark, but I wonder if you have a bad motor mount.....
  8. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    That 190 ft lbs is tough to get but necessary. I replaced the front track bar on my TJ and did not torque it all the way (off by about 15 ft lbs) and had a death wobble experience that almost ended me in a concrete barrier. Make sure you are torquing all suspension components to their specs.
  9. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    I have had the muffler delete since 1k miles and still have the hiccup. I run 90 octane ethanol-free and still have the hiccup (3.6; 6-speed). ESS on/off, traction control on/off, soft top off, 4wd high/low all with the hiccup. I have just learned to live with it.
  10. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    I can't say enough about the drastic change in driving characteristics from such a small difference between the stock LCA's and the Mopar extended LCA's. @blnewt was right all along!
  11. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    And 19 minutes later, I have a tracking number for my order. Nice job @Redline Tuning!
  12. Rausch Creek 4/9-4/10

    Yeah, don't forget to post trips to RC, AOAA, and Famous Reading on the Mid-Atlantic PA thread. We can get a bunch of people from the forum to meet up and ride some trails and grab something to eat!
  13. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    Just ordered the QuickLIFT PLUS. Nothing better than a Wednesday morning impulse purchase!
  14. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    I have a 6 and 11 year old and they have no problems getting in and our of the 2-door and also love having the top off. Their minds were blown when they saw the doors come off.
  15. Going on vacation and looking for wheeling spots

    RC is like that and I am not sure about the others. Check out Off-road Consulting ( They have group rides at all three parks, and they have training classes as well. I took the 101 class at RC last year and it was awesome. They charge $35 plus park fees for the...
  16. Going on vacation and looking for wheeling spots

    If you come down south a little bit, PA has Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA), Rausch Creek Off-Road Park, and Famous Reading Outdoors all within about an hour drive from each other. A bunch of people from the Mid-Atlantic forum wheel at these places and are usually available to meet up...
  17. Left Dimmer Rheostat Switch

    I have the same switch that does nothing at all.
  18. Soft Top JL 2 door.

    I like the look and feel of the twill, also the tan color. The only issue is that you can't find a tan 2-door soft top replacement anywhere. You can find the black 2-door and the tan 4-door. Hopefully they start selling the 2-door tan before mine runs ragged.
  19. Off-roading with a manual transmission?

    The only issue I have with automatic transmissions are when I follow them on the trails and they constantly ride their brakes. That is the only time I have to be using the clutch so I don't ram into the back of them. 4Lo with the manual allows you to just take your foot off the clutch and go.
  20. 3.6 MT Stalls in Reverse

    Throttle control. The gas pedal is not sensitive at all. Before the TC, I would rev the engine a little before letting the clutch out. After the TC install, no issues, no stalling anymore.