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  1. 2021 JL Throttle Surge (manual trans)

    I’ve had a little but doesn’t seem to be an issue.
  2. Lack the strength to mount tires

    +1 on a dolly. I got one after I messed up my shoulder. They really work well..
  3. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    Maui, and Hawaii in general, is pretty chill. The Aloha State still has some aloha.
  4. Who folds their back seats down, and why?

    Mine is stored in a bag on a shelf in the garage.
  5. Thinking of cancelling my order (after a phone call from the dealer)

    Tacoma’s are great trucks, very reliable. I just feel that the platform is a bit dated. My 18 Colorado ZR2 is a very nice truck, I researched both when I ordered it and I’m very happy with it. Great drive train, interior, fit and finish, etc.
  6. Cruise control

    I’ll do that but it actually works some of the time, I’m just at A loss as to what causes it to go bonkers.. I’ll check fuses for sure
  7. Cruise control

    21 JLR 3.6 MT i have the Jeep listed above. I have cruise control. I find it’s very picky and drops out a lot. I’ve tried to narrow it down to speed/gear selection, etc. It seems random, some times it won’t engage at all. anyone else noticed this? it’s not a big deal here on Maui, I have limited...
  8. What would you do?

    Stock engine will likely do more for resale than any non-stock engine.
  9. Are you all using Premium gas ?

    We get 89 ethanol free for our 21 JLR, 18 ZR2, 2009 Honda Ruckus and our 1973 CB750 Honda four.
  10. Anyone considering CAI or drop in air filter?

    With the engine management systems, the air fuel ration is tightly controlled. The stock air filter likely is engineered to deliver over 100% of what the engine can use, the aftermarket filters really can't do anything except make you feel good and maybe be louder if you like that. Stick with...
  11. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    My wife chose the 2 door manual, color, as long as it had A/C. I chose the Rubicon option, winch and bumper, GMRS radio, Alpine with Nav, and the Wet Okole seat covers. She loves it.
  12. Who actually uses A/C?

    I once ordered a Z28 years ago without A/C mistake, I needed it.
  13. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Have had mine out through the lava fields and up Haleakala a few times. Lots of fun.
  14. Rubicon vs. High Altitude Help

    The Rubicon rides very nicely, it's designed to be compliant off road which makes the on road manners very pleasing. It's not hard to get in and out of, I got the factory rock rails but LOD makes after market ones with steps, as do others. I'm a Rubicon fan, it's the alpha Jeep and always gets...
  15. Is it just me or the proportions on the 2 door JL seem off?

    The 4 door is for folks that want a Jeep and also need the space for any of the many reasons. Jeep’s started as 2 doors, or maybe even no doors in WWII, I think the 2 door is by definition a Jeep, all others are Jeep 2.xx
  16. Is it just me or the proportions on the 2 door JL seem off?

    beauty is in the eye......... I really like it.
  17. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    We came at this a different way. We decided we needed a truck again a few years ago and we were waiting for the Jeep, for several years. The need for the truck increased and we gave up when we saw and tested the Chevy ZR2. Ordered one right away, got a 2018 in dark green(we like green). It’s...
  18. 2021 JLU wrangler Fog bulbs replacement from halogen to LED

    Tim Let us see the results when you do the headlights.
  19. 2021 JLU wrangler Fog bulbs replacement from halogen to LED

    Oops Hit send too soon Any badly designed thing will work as expected.