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  1. Early Onset Death Wobble Help

    I didn't. Since I never found the cause of mine and a new one would be the same... I couldn't do it. Just leased a truck while I wait for the Bronco to maybe come out someday in 2025. Might look at old JKUs at some point. I needed a break.
  2. Early Onset Death Wobble Help

    If they show back up, I suggest ball joints next. I've talked to a couple others that swear that was their issue the whole time. I wish I had tried that first. I just hadn't talked to anyone that had done them and truly resolved their wobble issues. Personal opinion, I think the stock joints...
  3. Oily residue on drivers side of engine... normal???

    My dealer wouldn’t replace. They said it doesn’t count as an oil leak unless it’s dripping. Service tech noted “looks like engine has been detailed and wiped off excess detail spray”. By last October, we were on trails in Colorado with the windows down and all you could smell was oil burning on...
  4. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    Totally possible. I’ve actually had a couple bad BFGs on a 3/4 ton truck before. If I had had one shop that questioned the tires, I would have looked at replacing. But 4 different shops look at them. They always had 1 or 2 that they would balance out but they always said they balanced well. If...
  5. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    I don’t remember the exact numbers. I think he told me 50 was the threshold that they de-bead and re-seat the tire. All were under 30 and I think half were actually something like 15. The shop seemed really experienced and didn’t think the tires were the cause. One or 2 wheels did need an extra...
  6. Iowa UPR Catch Can

    Good question. 3.6.
  7. Iowa UPR Catch Can

    Used UPR Catch Can. Nothing wrong with it. Works amazing. Highly recommend. I was skeptic of catch cans until I purchased this. Also fit and finish of UPR is top notch. Super easy install. 85$ shipped, 75$ local pick up. Cash or Apple Pay preferred. Can do you paypal.
  8. Iowa Mopar tire and 3rd brake light relocate

    Used mopar over-sized tire and 3rd brake like relocation kit. It came installed on my 2019 JL. I upgraded to a teraflex to adjust for offset. Works great on factory wheel. Actually liked better than teraflex because it did not make noise. Over-sized tire relocate moves the tire up about...
  9. Mopar Accessories JL WINCH MOUNTING KIT Part Number: 293-82215182AC

    You’re correct. The fairlead itself is perfectly flat against the adapter plate. The areas where it all bolts to the bumper is even flat. It’s on the outer edges past the bolt that the plate separates from the bumper. It’s honestly a non issue. Awesome setup. Works perfectly and looks amazing. I...
  10. Iowa Rusty’s Engine/Trans Skid

    I’d love to ship it to you but I’m pretty sure it will cost me a fortune.
  11. Iowa Rusty’s Engine/Trans Skid

    I would take less than asking if anyone is passing through Iowa during the holidays and could pick up. Not having any luck locally because most around here are mall crawlers. Skids aren't high on the mod list in iowa. Let me know. I'd like to see it go to good use. Thanks.
  12. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    Pretty sure the clearance measurement is to the bottom of the diff, which is the same as the rubicon on 33's. Lift shouldn't effect. I could be wrong though on where the measurement is taken but that is what I've always understood.
  13. Iowa Rusty’s Engine/Trans Skid

    Sorry. Des Moines area. But would be willing to meet at a reasonable distance.
  14. Iowa Rusty’s Engine/Trans Skid

    Selling a Rusty’s engine/trans skid. Like new. Not even scratched. Great skid. Rusty’s is modular so you can add other skids as needed. fits 3.6 unlimited. 150$. Half of new price. Must be local pick up. Too awkward to ship
  15. Iowa Steer Smarts Front Track Bar

    Marked as sold. thanks.
  16. Iowa Metalcloak Control Arms

    Marked as sold. Thanks all.
  17. Iowa Synergy track bar/sector shaft brace

    Price reduced. $100 shipped.
  18. Iowa Metalcloak Control Arms

    6 of 8 Metalcloak control arms. Front lower, rear lower, and rear upper control arms. Literally only installed for 1 month. I ordered on labor day weekend, installed for a month, and removed. Nothing wrong with them at all. I was trying to pin point some death wobble causes. This did not...
  19. Iowa Steer Smarts Front Track Bar

    yeah. 2" mopar lift. I think a taller lift gives a lot more room under there. Or so I was told. several suggested that a 3.5 lift would eliminate a lot of my fitment issues but wasn't ready to do that.
  20. Iowa Steer Smarts Front Track Bar

    I was having clearance issues with the clamps and some other aftermarket parts. Didn't want to remove but it was the easiest part to swap out.